Cough and Cold Home Remedies using Adsula Leaves

The Adsula Plant, known in the English language as Adhatoda vasica or the Malabar Nut possess strong medicinal and healing properties, hence it has always been used in Ayurveda and traditional Indian medicine to treat a wide and diverse range of diseases and ailments.  In this post, I have described some of the healing remedies, which can be tried at home using the leaves of the Adsula Plant to treat cough and cold.

For treating Dry Cough- The Adsula leaves are cleaned and washed and then the juice is separated. 10 grams of Adsula leaves juice is mixed with about 5 grams of Pure Unadulterated Honey and a few finely powdered Almonds [Badam]. This mixture is again grounded, heated, and stored in a clean glass bottle. The person suffering from Dry Cough is administered 1 teaspoon of the mixture 2 times a day to cure and give him relief from Dry Cough.

For treating Chronic Cough and Cold- Fresh Adsula, leaves are cleaned and washed with drinking water. Then a little bit of Salt is applied inside the Adsula leaves and then they are tightly closed to prepare a bundle. This Adsula leaves Bundle is burnt to ash and when the ash cools down it is finely powdered and stored in a glass bottle. The patient is administered 1 teaspoon of the Adsula leaves ash daily along with water to cure him of Cough and Cold.

Another method of treating Cough and Cold is to wrap Fresh and washed Adsula leaves inside a Banana leaf to prepare a bundle. This bundle is heated until the outer Banana leaf covering starts getting burnt and the Adsula leaves are fully cooked. Then the Adsula leaves are separated from the Banana leaf, put inside a fine cloth, and squeezed to remove the juice. A little bit of Sugar and Honey is mixed with the Adsula leaves juice and administered to the person suffering from Cough and Cold.

There some more methods of treating Cough and Colds using the leaves of the Adsula leaves, in this post, I have described only the simpler and easy to practice home remedies, which can be attempted by anybody to treat Cough and Cold.

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