Tantric Magical Properties of Lakshmana Plant

The Laxmana or Bankalmi Plant sometimes referred to as Mandrake in English has always had certain specific uses in traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda, especially those relating to vitality and increasing the chances of reproduction among women. Indian Tantra Shastra believes  that the various parts of the Lakshmana Plant possess strong magical and paranormal properties and has prescribed certain Satvik and Tamsik paranormal remedies using this plant, In this post, I have described a simple and easy to follow  Satvik Tantra to make full uses of the inherent  Occult Powers of the Lakshmana Plant.

The Lakshmana Mool or the Root of the Lakshmana Plant should be brought home on any of the more auspicious Hindu Tithis like the Ravi Pushya Amrit Yoga or festivals such as Holi, Diwali or Sankranti or during the specific period [Grahan Kaal] of any full or partial Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

The Lakshmana Mool should be washed and cleaned with water and then placed in the Puja-Ghar or any other auspicious place in the home and worshipped daily.  This is said to enhance the chances of gain in progeny, fame and popularity, victory over opponents and enemies, success in competitions, increase in money, wealth, and removal of ghosts and mystic entities.

A special kind of Vashikaran Tilak can also be prepared by rubbing it on a rubbing board along with a few drops of water to prepare a paste. This paste is applied as a Tilak on the forehead, which is believed to act as a Voodoo Attraction Spell to make the practitioners superiors, including his boss or powerful and influential people favorable towards him.

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  1. Neel sir can we buy root in a powderd form.
    Thankyou Sir.

    1. You have to use the Lakshmana plant root as mentioned in the article and not in a powdered form.

  2. Respected Sir, I am just 34 and as I am sikh and I have a proper full uncut beard and moustaches,my hair are going white very fast and increasing in numbers, and I am tensed for the same,please help.Thanks in Advance for the same.Regards

    1. Premature White Hair is not a serious or major ailment,
      You can try any devotional Mantra you like to get relief from tension, it will surely help you.

  3. Mr. Neel, it has been long since I started reading you... my question is that i tried to procure the things from the local market but either they are not the right things or some substitute or else god knows... i have a litttle suggestion... if u could provide pics of the same as in case of laxmana plant...n how to identify that, it will be of immense use... moreover can u provide a place from where i can get it on line.. the more i search ...more confused i get... i m writing to u from Jaipur, rajasthan... thanx a lot

    1. If you search for lakshmana plant, you will come across photos of this plant.
      This plant is unlikely to be available over the, you can try to get the information from a Botanist in Jaipur.


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