Gyan Mudra for Mantra Aspirants

Many readers of this site complain of lack of concentration and focus while practicing some of the Mantra Tantra  Experiments and Sadhana, which need single-minded concentration while chanting the Mantra. For the benefit of these Sadhaks, I have described a most simple and easy to practice Yogic Hasta Mudra known as the Gyan Mudra.

The practitioner should sit in any Yogic Asana [specific Yogic pose] if he is well versed with Yoga, otherwise he can sit down comfortably on a chair and perform the Gyan Mudra. The only thing to keep in mind while performing the Gyan Mudra is to ensure that the back is comfortably straight, without being strained.

Then the practitioner should touch the tip of the Tarjani [ Index finger] with the tip of the Angutha[ Thumb finger] and keep the other three fingers straight as is shown in the Gyan Mudra image given in this article.

The Yogic Hand Pose of Gyan Mudra for Mantra Aspirants
Gyan Mudra 

Then the practitioner should close his eyes and perform the Mudra for about 30 minutes or until he feels comfortable.  The Mudra can be performed holding the hand in a vertical or horizontal position; the fingers should not be stiff and strained but relaxed while performing the Gyan Mudra.

Benefits of Gyan Hasta Mudra
Enhances concentration, memory power and retaining capacity, removes and gives relief from stress, strain, worry and anxiety, reduces anger and tension.  For those on the spiritual journey it removes self-doubt and increases faith and self-confidence.

The Gyan Mudra can also be of great help to Yogis who are striving for spiritual upliftment and Kundalini awakening as this Yogic pose is said to activate the Muladhara Chakra.

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