Eight Food Habits as Preventive Remedies

In this post, I have described eight great preventive remedies for good health. These remedies are related to the consumption of food and can easily be co-opted without much effort into your daily routine.  The overall health of an individual is a combination of mind and matter and they go hand in hand, they react immediately to any disorder in each other.

Cultivating these eight food habits with surely enhance the overall physical and mental health of an individual, including the many readers of this site who are striving from spiritual growth, Kundalini Awakening and trying to gain Mastery over Hindu Occult and paranormal practices like Mantra, Yantra and Tantra Experiments.

Chew food thoroughly – It makes digestion easier and stimulates flow of gastric juices and thus helps in the later stages of digestion.

Eat food at fairly regular times – Giving rest to digestive organs and to give them regular habits greatly enhances their overall efficiency.

Selection and preparation of food – Heavy meals may be desirable for people accustomed to hard labour. However, it may cause ‘discomfort’ to others who are in sedentary occupation.

Avoid strong emotions – They tend to inhibit the digestive process at any or at all stages.

Texture of food – Liquid or semi-solid foods are easily disintegrated and hence are more easily digested than dry food. Hard raw, under cooked, fried and crisp foods require more effort for absorption and hence take longer to digest and put more strain on the digestive system.

Do not over eat- Overeating is the main cause of digestive disturbances, obesity, flatulence and numerous related disorders.

Avoid very spicy meals- excessive spicy and pungent food may lead to ulceration.

Avoid excessive alcohol- It leads to the inflammation of the stomach.

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