Kuladevta Darshan Mantra

This is a special Kuldevta Mantra Prayoga for those people who do not know who their Kuladevta /Kuladevi are and yet wish to worship the deity. This Mantra experiment is believed to make it possible for the Sadhaka to have a Darshan of the Kuldevta in a dream. The Mantra Sadhana for having a vision of the Kuladevta or Kuladevi is described below in this post.

This Sadhana has to be performed every day either in the morning or in the evening. The practitioner has to take a Coconut, place it with the head fiber facing him, and light a Small Camphor Tablet [Puja ke Kapur Ki Goli] on top of the Coconut. Then he has to chant the Kuldevta Mantra given by me and keep chanting the Mantra until the Camphor Tablet is extinguished.

ॐ चैतन्य कुलदेवतायै जागृत ||
Om Chaitanya Kuladevataayai Jaagruta ||

In case the Puja Coconut is cracked or gets damaged, then it has to be immersed in a flowing water body such as a river, canal or the sea and replaced by another Coconut.

This post is in response to the numerous requests I get regarding the ways and means to worship the Kuladevta. In the past, I had written about a Mantra Sadhanas for worshipping the Kuladevta and also for Bandhan Mukti [freedom from any past life or Karmic bonds].  The Kuladevta/Kuladevi as described in earlier articles is the family deity, inherited through the family linage or Gotra and the worship of this deity has great importance is certain parts of India.

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  1. guruji,
    1.either thro dream or how v get darshan
    2.same cocnut to b used for sadhna til darshn or to b replaced

  2. Dear neel sir kindly tell me whether puja coconut to be replaced every day if it is not cracked or damaged, kindly clear my doubt, also how many days this sadhana to be performed, Regards

  3. To both the above
    The Darshan of the Kuldevta will be in a dream.
    The same coconut should be used every day until it gets damaged, then it should be immersed and replaced by a new one.
    This is a long term Sadhana and not for a restricted period.

  4. Dear Sir,

    can I use my kuldevi in place of "kuldevtayaai'' in the mantra and do this sadhna

    1. Yes, you can use the name of your Kuldevi in the Mantra in place of Kuldevtayaai.

  5. Replies
    1. The upper hair or shendi on top of the coconut.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Can we take jata wala pani wala coconut or bina pani wala jata wala coconit


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