Ganpati Pooja for Successful Journey

A long journey for business, education, job, marriage, health or any other purpose means a lot to the one who undertakes such a journey, for a lot is at stake. Ancient Indian travelers performed numerous Puja-Archanas and specific Mantra Sadhanas before going on a long journey. In this post, I have described a specific Ganpati Puja, which was performed by travelers in Maharashtra for making the journey a success. Certain Ganesh Bhakts still perform this Puja before going on a long journey.

The Ganpati Pooja for Successful Journey
A Panchopachara Puja has to be performed, this is a simple Pooja in which five offerings are made to the deity, example- Gandham, Flowers, Diya, Dhoop/Agarbatti and Prasad.

After performing the Panchopachara Puja, the Ganpati Atharvashirsha has to be chanted 21 times. Ganpati Atharvashirsha is a Sanskrit Scripture, which gives the description of Ganesha as the Ever-Eternal and Omnipresent Brahman.

After the completion of the chanting of the Ganpati Atharvashirsha, 21 Durvas have to be offered to Ganpati. Durva Grass [Cynodon dactylon] is said to be a offering favorite of Ganpati.

Then the Durvas have to be picked up and wrapped in a piece of Silk Cloth and kept in the purse, pocket or anywhere else on the body while going on the journey, like a Good Luck Charm.

After coming back from the journey, the Silk Cloth Bundle containing the 21 Durvas, has to be immersed in a water body.

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