Om Gam Ganapataye Mantra Sadhana

The Ganesh Mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namah Om ॐ गं गणपतये नमः ॐ is one the most important of the Ganapati Mantras and a Mool Mantra of Ganesha. This mantra is one of the most often chanted Ganesh Mantra at the commencement of anything new or auspicious to remove any problems and obstacles and enable the new beginning or auspicious occasion to commence and conclude smoothly without and hurdles and obstacles.

There is a specific Satvik Mantra Sadhana to gain permanence over this most powerful Ganesh Mantra and gain peace and abundance in all walks of life. This Sadhana is said to make this Ganesh Mantra more potent, fruitful and powerful.

The Mantra has to be chanted 5000 times daily for a period of 25 days, 125,000 Mantra Chants in all. After completing, the required number of Chants 1/10th or Dashansh Havan should be performed by offering as Ahuti Pure Cow Ghee and Ashtagandha, each time chanting the mantra while making the offering to the fire, 12,500 Ahutis.

Before commencing the Sadhana, the practitioner should have a bath, wear clean and unsoiled clothes and then commence the Sadhana. Any kind of counting Mala can be used for counting the Mantra Chants.

The Sadhana has to be performed daily without taking a break, the only exception being women having the Month Period, they can discontinue and continue from where they discontinued after the conclusion of the Periods.

Please note that the Ganesh Mantra includes Om - Aum at the ending as well as the beginning of the Mantra.

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  1. Es main havan Karna jaruri hain kya ?? Bina aahuti ke only 12500 time chant kiya to chalega ?? Q ki hum log abroad hain so yaha havn ki samugri and havan patra nai milega. Main es mantra ka jaap Karna chahti hu but havn nai hoga to uske badle kya Karna yoga ..

  2. Sookhi lakdi aur cow ghee aur bricks aur sand sabhi desho me uplabdh hai na. Isse kar sakte hain aap havan.

  3. If anybody cant do havan, then they should chant 40% of the number of ahutis as mantra this case, one should chant 40% of 12500.

    1. This is a very specific Mantra Experiment using this very famous Ganesha Mantra and has to be performed as published in the above post.
      However, others who are not able to perform this Prayoga can simply chant the Mantra any number of times as per their wishes.

  4. Do we visarjit the mala in river after the Sadhana?


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