Shakti Mantra for Gambling Success

This is a mantra comprising of the Shakti Beej Hreem ह्रीं and अहं and as such has the potential to generate great power. This small mantra can also be used to benefit from games of chance like Cards, Horse Racing, Poker, Lotteries and any other form of monetary risk taking which involves gambling such as trading in stocks and securities.

The Sadhana to gain Siddhi [Mastery] over the mantra can be commenced during an auspicious Hindu date, such as Navaratri, Diwali or any kind of Solar or Lunar Eclipse. The practitioner has to chant this mantra 10,000 times in order to gain Mastery. The chanting has to be non-stop and the Sadhak can use any kind of Counting Rosary for the purpose of count the number of Mantra Chants.

Experiment- Just before participating in any kind of monetary risk taking or gambling or just before the opening of lottery numbers, the practitioner has to chant the mantra 7 times and then blow his breath in the direction of the gambling spot.

Note- Information given as part of the endeavor to throw light on unknown and unique Indian magical and mystic traditions and not to induce any one to take risks or gamble.

A Spell of Root Sounds for Gambling Success
Shakti Mantra for Gambling Success

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  1. Other than given date, on which date I can do this sadhana.

  2. Dear Neel Sir:
    Can the chanting of 10,000 times be divided into a couple of times? Such as 5000 times in 2 days? Please reply again. Many thanks to you.

  3. Dear Neelji,
    When should you do this mantra, morning or evening? . Can we divide this mantra in few days.

  4. I can not read the mantra can u please write in words for me.......

  5. Gd evening sir do i have to read 7times and blow before buying lottery orafter buying lottery

  6. Sir if I want to trade in stock markets, then in which direction should I blow breath? Mumbai?

    1. Mumbai or any place where the stock market is located.

  7. Hallo Sir,
    Can I do this mantra in any Phase of the Moon?And I am Christian Can I do it?

    1. The dates prescribed in the post have to be followed as per the writings of the Tantra.

  8. Sir,

    I completed 10,000 chants but the experiment with lottery did not work. Should the mantra be recited 10,000 times in a particular manner; I was mentally reciting it quickly. Is there a certain way of reciting it?

  9. Sir I have done this sadhana can I use it in the online games

  10. Sir Where to blow breathe in online lottery?


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