Bhairav Remedy to cure Destructive Child

Some small children can be destructive and found of dangerous pastimes, like flinging toys or even stones around. Such children might or might not be Hyperactive, yet their behavior is a major cause of concern for their parents as it is dangerous, not only for them, but for also other children. In this post is given an Indian paranormal remedy to cure this behavioral trait. This remedy called as Totka in Hindi is dedicated to the Hindu God, who is a fearsome representation the ever-present time, Kaal Bhairava.

The parent has to take the child to a Bhairav Mandir on a Saturday and make the child offer a bottle of liquor or wine to the Bhairav Murti, with its own hands. This is a onetime Totka.

Then the parent has to make the child feed with its own hands a Chapatti with Oil applied over it to a Black Colored Dog on Saturdays. This Totka of feeding a Black Dog should be continued until the child is completely cured of destructive traits.

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  1. Hi Neel! You are doing an amazing job by scanning through so many occult tantras and making the wisdom in them accessible in such a simple and comprehensible manner. Irrespective of whether one would like to believe in these and practice them, it is still very informative and I am personally someone who likes 'to know' things. So, thank you for your service to humankind and to Hindu society in particular! May I ask you what has inspired you to create this site? How did it all start? How do you know so much about our tantras?

  2. I understand Sanskrit language and grammar well and would like to offer a correction to one mantra if I am allowed to. There is a Kaamdev Vashikaran Mantra I read two days ago on this site (I am unable to find it now, but I remember it.) It reads as: 'Om Namo Bhagavate Kaamadevaaya Yasya yasya drushyo bhavaami yasya yasya mama mukham pasyati tam tam mohayatu swaaha'

    The grammatically correct mantra should be one of these two versions: 1) 'Om Namo Bhagavate Kaamadevaaya Yasya yasya drushyo bhavaami yam yam mama mukham pasyati tam tam mohayatu swaaha'
    2)'Om Namo Bhagavate Kaamadevaaya Yasya yasya drushyo bhavaami yo yo mama mukham pasyati tam tam mohayatu swaaha'

    1. There was a slight variation, which has since then already been corrected.
      I request you to refer to the Sanskrit/Hindi versions as sometimes it is not possible to give the exact pronunciation in the English language.

  3. Since you seem so knowledgeable with regards to mantras, yantras and tantras, I would be very grateful if you could help me understand a few things:
    1) How exactly are yantras created/drawn? I used to believe that they were mystic forms appearing to our seers in deep meditation. But I heard from an astrologer that it is not so. It is a very scientific/mathematical process that involves a lot of numerology based on the syllables (beeja aksharas) in the mantra. He said he cannot go into great detail as he is not an initiate, but he spoke something that has greatly aroused my interest and at the same time, confused me a lot. Do you know anything about this?
    2) I see on your site certain yantras with numbers on them. What exactly are these numbers? Why are they written in that sequence in different squares? Who decides them? Is it pre-decided in the ancient tantras or is it 'tailor-made' for your needs by an expert tantrik/astrologer? Is it like what the astrologer told me? I am asking this because I remember a yantra in our pooja room in my childhood (30 years ago). I vaguely remember a priest/astrologer actually sitting in our home with my grandfather and calculating something on this fingers and continuously chanting and engraving that on a brass plate. It used to have a strange shape unlike the common yantras you see like the shriyantra etc and all over the plate, there were numbers and syllables written. I was too young then, but the scene is very clear in my memory. What exactly was he calculating and writing? I understand what I am asking is perhaps very occult and 'secretive' and you may not want to answer this in public even if you knew the answer. But would you please email me personally and answer my question?
    3) I have heard that reverse chanting of mantras is very, very powerful. For example, the Atharva Veda speaks of chanting the Gayatri Mantra in reverse. Are you aware of this? If so, could you create a column about that as well? Thank you very much! I hope I am not asking for too much.

    1. Appreciate the kind words, your suggestions are well taken.
      Some to the questions about Yantras have been already answered in some posts, as it is not possible to repeat the same procedure in all posts.

    2. Interesting..these thoughts rake me too and no amount of net surfing has surfaced any plausible explanation. The questions are still suspended. Secrets will no longer be mystical if disclosed...I gather.

  4. Need ji pranam,

    Where I live, there are no Bhairav temples and also we don't find stray dogs here. How can I perform this toga then? I am very worried about my daughter. Please help me Neelji. Can you please give me some alternate remedy. Thankyou for all your help.


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