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Traits in Women from Nose and Ears

Nasika Lakshan is art of predicting the traits and future from the shape, size, structure and marks on the nose and Karna Lakshan means predicting traits from the ears. In this post I have translated the verses from the original Sanskrit text which predict the future of women as per the structure of their nose and ears.

Muslim Charm for Attraction

This is a Muslim Charm which is used to enhance love and affection within members of the same family living in the same house. Such charms are commonly referred to as Naksh in the Islamic community and are the same as the more in use Yantras.

Dreams about Sun, Moon and Stars

Dreaming about the Planets, Stars and other Heavenly bodies is most common. Normally most people dream about the Sun or the Moon in various sizes and shapes or stages of brightness; the Indian Dream Tantra has given unique interpretations and meanings for such dreams. However I would advise you to have a look at some articles given in this section - Indian Paranormal Beliefs before you arrive at a conclusion about your dreams.

Brain ability in animals to express

Actually, tests have shown that some other animals such as dogs and chimpanzees can in fact distinguish hearing some different words or phrases, showing by different responses that they have natural animal mental brain ability to learn and associate different meanings to some voiced words or phrases. Thus humans aren't alone in having the ability to associate different meanings to different voiced words or phrases. In fact several other mammals including whales often use varied voiced sounds to express different things to others around them.

Gayatri Mantra for the Unemployed

The great Gayatri Mantra has numerous variations for various purposes. This one here is for the unemployed, poor and desperate, those reeling under a burden of severe debts and those struggling to survive.

Shabar Yantra to Enchant Women

This is a Shabar Vaskikaran Yantra to enchant women, it makes the use of unique plants and a specific Mantra. This Yantra is said to attract and make the woman you love and want to marry; fall in love with you. The Yantra makes the use of the following unique ingredients – Kushta [Saussurea costus] Plant or Leaves Vach [Acorus calamus] Plant or Leaves Kapur [Camphor] Bhojpatra

Hanuman Remedy for Success

If you have worked hard and tried everything; yet not tasted success, you can try this Hanuman remedy to triumph over failures and become successful. The remedy is for everyone as it can be successfully performed by even the layman.

Mohini Mantra for Males and Females

A Mohini Mantra to enchant and both males and females is given here. Both men and woman can practice the mantra to attract their dream partner. The mantra is chanted 108 times in the evening, at dusk as this is said to be the most potent period to make it effective and powerful. A Sphatik Mala has to be used to count the mantra.

Aghori and Tamas Vashikaran Mantra

This is an out and out Aghori and Tamas Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana. Nevertheless I will tell you how this Shabar Prayog is done by the Tantrik. The Tantrik visits a Smashan Bhoomi at Midnight on a Saturday and prays to the Smashan Bhoomi to open its doors to him. This known as a निमंत्रण, Nimantran Sadhana to make the graveyard favorable.

Interpretation of God in Dreams

These are interpretations of seeing God, Deities, Idols and other things related to faith and religion in a Dream. These meanings are derived from the Indian Dream Tantra; however it would be wise to go through the post on - Which Dreams Come True and other related posts before arriving at an conclusion about your dream.

Things moving on their own in India

A most disturbing thing which has been observed is that things are moving of their own accord in India at this given moment of time. Whenever one switches on news channels or browses through newspapers, one gets the impression that we in India are somewhere in the middle of an overall collapse; governance as well as moral.

Yantra for Desire Fulfillment

This is a Yantra for Desire Fulfillment. This Yantra is either the same as or a variation of the 15 Che Yantra; a famous and powerful Yantra, given in the Marathi scriptures; which total to the number 15 when counted from every direction. It is also known in Hindi as the Gauri Shankar Yantra and is known to aid in the fulfillment of all desires of the material nature; including money, property and owning luxury items.

Magical Oil for Love Spells

The Vashikaran and Mohini Tantra also gives certain rare and unique formulas to prepare magical oil for love and attraction spells. Some of these Oils have some mantra or the other attributed to; others are completely independent magical spells which are not associated with a mantra or yantra. The one given in this post is an independent magical spell.

Mantra to Energize Baglamukhi Yantra

This is the Beej Mantra of Baglamukhi Mata; this is the recommended mantra to energize the Bagalamukhi Yantra; the all powerful Yantra of the Goddess. This Yantra not only gives protection from all kinds of enemies, but also from dangers and accidents, it also gives success in disputes and all sorts of contests and competitions.

Swastika Symbol of Ganesha

The Swastika is an ancient Hindu religious symbol; dated back to the early Vedic times. It is a symbol associated with Ganesha; the lord of all beginnings and hence the Swastika stands for an auspicious start to all events in life. Though various meaning have been attributed to the Swastika, the most appropriate one is “The Provider of Good Fortune”.

Husband - Wife Attraction Charm - 2

If for some reason or the other; either the husband or the wife discover and are troubled that the spark and attraction has disappeared from their married life, then this is one more of the Indian lucky charms to rekindle the lost love and attraction back into their lives. This is the second one I have given for this very purpose. The first can be found - Here .

Lonely Living Alone In Space

Another early youthful outlook development had been to puzzle much over how any folks could ever come to accept months or even years living far away from any others, such as out in some remote wilderness, or being up alone in any far away space vessel, such as for any suggested exploratory voyage to Luna or Mars, or even orbiting high around Earth. If then living alone, who wouldn't soon come to feel awfully terribly lonely? Might any such person then most sadly come to badly feel ready to quietly die, due to being that confined very much totally alone?

Vashikaran Mantra for Promotion

This is a Vashikaran Mantra to get difficult things; like political success, promotions, disputes and other problematic things done by influencing those who have the authority to get your work done. The Prayog which I have mentioned here should not be used to attract a man or a woman as this is a different kind of Vashikaran Tantra.

Interpretations of Cloth in Dreams

Seeing cloth, clothes or something made from cloth, is a common dream most people experience a lot of times in their everyday lives. Normally one ponders over the dream and tries to get an indication of its meaning. Indian Tantra has attributed specific interpretations to the visualizing of different types of cloth in a dream.

Which Dreams Come True

Those studying dream interpretations, often attach meanings to each and every dream they see and unnecessarily get worried and uptight about the indications coming their way. There is a fixed science regarding these interpretations in the Indian Dream Tantra; in this post I will explain which dreams come true.

Vashikaran Mantra for Love

This is a Vashikaran Mantra for winning the love of a woman. The mantra is practiced for attracting and winning over the woman you are in love with. The Sadhana has to be done on any auspicious day, like a festival or an eclipse by chanting the mantra as many times as possible on that particular day.

Interpretation of Sky in Dreams

These are some unique interpretations of dreams of the Sky and Space; as per the Indian Dream Tantras. For more preliminary information on the Tantra, you can look up the numerous topics given here in this section on the various - Indian Paranormal Beliefs ; including Dream and their meanings.

Shabar Navnath Exorcism Mantra

This is a Shabar Navnath Exorcism Mantra. This mantra is a Siddha Mantra and does not require one to gain Siddhi over it. The Mantra has to be chanted just 5 times and the breath of the chanter has to be blown over the body of the possessed person, each time he chants the mantra or an Utara, done by chanting the mantra and rotating the right hand in a clockwise manner over the body of the possessed person.

Mantra to make stones rain on enemy house

This is a Mantra to make stones rain on the house of an enemy. Readers might have heard or read about such paranormal phenomena, where stones appear out of nowhere and mysteriously start raining on a house. There is a specific Indian Tantra which promises to do exactly the same. This Tantra is a fearsome one; practiced by the practitioners of Black Magic.

Nine Letter Mantra of Bhairav

This is the nine letter mantra of Bhairav. The mantra is used for a specific Bhairav Sadhana to free the atmosphere of your home from all bad, impure and unhealthy vibrations. The Prayog also ensures that the house is never short of food and food grains and other essential requirements needed to live a contented life.

Ghost Protection Charm

This is a Ghost protection charm. This one is from the unique exorcism rites which are available and in practice in India. The charm is a Yantra [geometrical design] corresponding to the letter LAM or लाम् in Sanskrit. This is the single letter mantra of the Muladhara; the basic chakra.

Can we enter the minds of others

Early in primary school, a few of us asked in a simple way, how can it be that each of us always fully perceives (exclusively) one's own current-time conscious thoughts, but never similarly senses what anyone else nearby, even sitting beside us, has within his/her mind, nor the mind of anyone at any other time in the past or future? No one could give any good explanation for how such private conscious awareness works. This therefore got left as an unanswered puzzle.

Mantra to remove House Lizards

Today a unique Mantra to remove and chase away a common house lizard from your home is being published. The house lizard; Chipkali in Hindi, is a common and unwanted fixture in most homes, all over the world. Though normally harmless the Geckos are not poisonous creatures, some people have a phobia about these creatures.

Mantra to increase milk in cows and buffaloes

This is another health Mantra to increase milk in cows and buffaloes. This is the second one I am giving; like the first one - Here , published a couple of years back, this one also promises to increase the yield from these domesticated cattle, on whom man depends so much for fulfilling his basic needs in life.

Shabar Hanuman Mantra to fulfill wish - 2

The Hanuman Mantra given here is a Shabar Mantra to fulfill a wish by invoking Hanuman. The Sadhana is commenced on the first Tuesday of any one of Hindu Lunar Months of Chaitra or Magha. As per the Hindu calendar Chaitra is the first and Magha is the eleventh month; these months correspond to the signs Aries and Aquarius respectively.

Attraction Tantra for Court Cases

There is a specific attraction Tantra which makes the use of a Crow for success in winning court cases and other legal disputes. The Tantra Sadhana which is an Aghori and Tamas one has to be commenced on a Tuesday. For this purpose, first of all, you have to catch a Crow and keep it with you in a Cage.

Six Letter Mantra of Swami Samarth

In the glorious traditions of great enlightened saints of Maharashtra; Shri Swami Samarth ranks right at the top along with Sai Baba of Shirdi and Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon. These three saints graced the soil of Maharashtra at around the same time, the late 9th to the early 20th century.

How to take Mantra Diksha and Sankalp

A common question asked most often is how to take the Sankalp or Diksha for a Mantra Sadhana or a Stotra. In most of the cases care is taken to give the complete procedure. In case of certain common and popular Satvik Mantras, like the Gayatri or Maha Mrityunjaya Mantras this procedure is left to the reader. However if you wish to take a Sankalp or Diksha; then a simple procedure is given here.

Yantra for Dowry Problems

Today a specific Yantra for a married woman who is having problems from her husband’s family for Dowry is given here in this post. Dowry is a very big social evil which is widespread in most parts of the world; including India. This problem cuts across geographical boundaries, race and religion.

Mantra for Peepal Tree

The Peepal Tree; Sacred Fig or the “Asvattha” in Sanskrit, has had its own special place in the Hindu Religion since ancient times. Devotees will note that this tree is invariably found in the vicinity of a temple. This tree is also said to be the symbol of Vishnu; the Protector of humanity. This is the reason it has the qualities of knowledge, wisdom, health, wealth, enlightenment and knowledge attributed to it.

Shri Krishna Mantra to Pass Exams

This is a Shri Krishna Mantra which is helpful for students to pass in their exams. Most people in India have their own preferred deities and feel comfortable in performing the Sadhana of these deities; this mantra is especially for the students who are faithful and sincere Krishna devotees.

Paranormal Remedy for False Accusations

There are many people all over the world who are the victims of false, bogus, malafide and defamatory accusations and charges. The same was also true in the past, hence Indian sages of those times discovered a simple and effective paranormal remedy to rectify and reverse this sad conditions faced by many innocent people.

Learn Ways of Growing Up

With other children in early school years, experiencing living among others, we kept gaining in our new minds a progression of outlooks related to what might be better for living as humans. This included experiencing daily living at home, experiencing many human ways of satisfying daily living varieties, acquiring our parents' preferences patterns, compatibly playing with others living nearby, then in school gaining the beginnings of knowledge, etc.

Charm for Sick Children

A unique Indian charm possessing magical qualities for frightened or sick children is given here. This charm comprises the 12 names of Arjuna; the great warrior and lead character from the greatest of the Indian epics; the Mahabharata.

Ram Mantra for Women Protection

The Ram Mantra for Women Protection is the need of the hour in India. The Kali Yuga has already set in; even five year olds are unsafe; that too in the national capital. Divine protection seems to be the only answer in these troubled times. This is a simple Mantra Sadhana I found which promises protection not only from potential rapists; but also from the anti social elements who are troubling a woman.

Ganesh Riddhi Siddhi Buddhi Mantra

This is a Ganapati Prayog to firmly establish Riddhi, Siddhi and Buddhi in your being. These are the 3 qualities which arise from Ganesha; called the 3 wives of Ganesha. The Prayog is also known as the Sthapana or establishment of these 3 virtues. Buddhi- Knowledge Riddhi – Prosperity Siddhi – Mastery over the Spirit

Mantra to Energize Coral Beads

The Coral Beads are used in various Prayogas of the Hindu Tantra; including those relating to Laxmi. The energized Coral Bead is considered to be a most powerful charm related to  money , finance and wealth. In this post I will explain the procedure to energize this Bead with a unique Mantra.

Katyayani Mantra for Girls Marriage

This is one of the most popular and famous of the Marriage Mantra to be chanted by a girl of marriageable age. Today I will tell you its meaning and the right way to practice it. The mantra is chanted to invoke the blessings of Katyayani Devi; the sixth manifestation of Shakti Mata.

Paranormal Remedies for Domestic Peace - 2

These are some more unique and interesting Indian paranormal remedies for domestic peace. A simple remedy which does not require and Mantra, Tantra or rules and Sadhana of any kind. This remedy has to be practiced on any Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Early Morning Shloka of Laxmi

This verse from the Sri Suktham; is a popular Sanskrit Shloka chanted every morning invoking Laxmi to shower her grace and blessing upon the chanter; it is a simple one line prayer. The Shloka is most suitable to those who have little time on their hands for time consuming Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogas.

Mantra for Owning a House

This is a mantra for those who wish to build and own a house. The mantra also gives success in matters related to land; including land disputes and buying and buying and selling. The mantra can be practiced if you are unsuccessful in building a home for yourself or unlucky in matters related to land.

Most Powerful Matangi Mantra Sadhana

The Matangi Devi is one of the Dasha-Mahavidyas or the 10 aspects of the Divine Mother according to Hindu Tantra. She is also known as the Ucchista Chandalini. There are various methods in the Tantra; to worship her, for various kinds of gains; including the acquisition of paranormal powers. I am giving a Shakti Sadhana which if mastered gives immense powers to theSadhak;including getting whatever he want; at will; this includes wealth, fame and enemy problems.

Padmavati Mantra for Wealth

The Padmavati Mantra Sadhana for wealth and abundance is practiced for 21 days continuously during which 100,000 chants have to be completed. This is done by chanting 51 Mala or 5508 chants daily. The Sadhana is commenced on a Tuesday. A Coral Bead is recommended for the purposes of counting.

Mantra for Business Enemy Defeat

This is a mantra for business enemies defeat. To be used only if a business rival is hell bent upon destroying your business. The mantra is never to be used in a fit of rage or to get revenge on someone or to settle scores. This mantra is known to cause a lot of damage to the business of the enemy.

Cylinders Ring World - Part 3

I try to make everything for these presentations of future possibilities scientifically realistically achievable. As I said, centrifugal accelerations now must be corrected from my past error, to correctly be for having a homes cylinder now spun once in 17s: centrifugal force acc. = orbit speed^2 / orbit radius = ( 2 * Pi * orbit radius / one orbit time )^2 / orbit radius = (2 * Pi)^2 * orbit radius / (1 orbit time)^2, [^2 means squared].

Ghantakarna Stuti Mantra Prayog

The Ghantakarna Stuti Mantra Prayog is an important Sadhana for upliftment of monetary status and increase in the income and wealth . There are quite a few ways of conducting this Prayog; a simple and effective method is given here, in this post.