Interpretations of Cloth in Dreams

Seeing cloth, clothes or something made from cloth, is a common dream most people experience a lot of times in their everyday lives. Normally one ponders over the dream and tries to get an indication of its meaning. Indian Tantra has attributed specific interpretations to the visualizing of different types of cloth in a dream.

Some of these unique interpretations of seeing cloth in dreams are given here.

White Cloth – Indication of getting married.
Red Cloth – Chances of Travel.
Yellow Cloth – Chances of being infected by a disease.
Blue or Black Cloth – Disease, illness and troubles.
New Cloth – Honor and recognition.
Torn Cloth – Loss.
Clothes falling into a well or seeing yourself naked – Indication of Bankruptcy and poverty.
Silk Cloth – Excellent omen indicates fame.
Golden or Beautiful Cloth – Indication of the opening of fortune.
Turban or Headgear made from Cloth – Success in the gaining of knowledge and money coming your way.
Cotton – Chances of opposition and sweet food.
Tent made from Cloth – Honor, rewards and titles coming your way.
Shawl, Carpet or Coat – Getting a new project from powerful persons or the government.
Burning Cloth – Sadness, problems and trouble to the eyes.
Ask and Bones – An excellent omen, problems and concerns will be resolved.
Seeing a lot of Blue Color – Abundance.

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