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Yantra to attract enemy

This is a Yantra , which a numerological and geometric combination which is said to Attract your enemy and bring him under your spell of attraction. If this Yantra is written on a Drum and then you beat the Drum the enemy will come under your spell of attraction.

Powerful Exorcism Mantra

This is a powerful Protection Mantra which is used in Tantrik practices to Exorcise and destroy a very powerful and evil feminine form of energy, the Dakini which is said to posses the human body. It is also called the Dakini Uchatan Mantra or the mantra to destroy a Dakini.

Simple Mantra to attract women

This is one more of the Simple Attraction Mantras which I am giving to make it easy for the practitioner. This is a Simple Mantra to attract women . I am trying to avoid lengthy Mantras , and also I am trying to minimize the procedures required to attain Siddhi [mastery]. This particular Attraction Mantra has to be recited 1200 times after midnight sitting comfortably under the night sky, reciting the mantra while remembering the woman whom you wish to attract. It is said that the woman will come under your spell of attraction within a few days.

Benefits of Black Turmeric

Kali Haldi काली हल्दी [Black Turmeric] is extensively used by those practicing Tantrik Vidhya. It is said that keeping a little bit of Kali Haldi on your person is extremely beneficial for one’s Wellbeing and is said to Attract magical vibrations and frequencies.

Ganesh Stotra to remove ignorance

This is a short Stotra which is type of Prayer or Prarthana in form of a hymn or ocelot dedicated to Shri. Ganesha or Ganapati which has been composed by me. Ganesha is the Hindu God of all beginnings and pure intelligence amongst countless attributes. This Stotra is a Satvik or a Pure form of worship which describes the all encompassing supreme illumination, the infinite form of the Ever-Existent which is Shri.Ganesha to destroy ignorance and free oneself from the bondage of Moha and Maya.

Mantra to free a prisoner

There are unique Mantras for almost each and every purpose in the Hindu religion. This one here is one such Mantra which is used to free a prisoner or someone held in any type of confinement. or arrest. The mastery over this mantra is acquired on the day of a Solar Eclipse or on the auspicious night of Diwali by reciting this mantra 10,000 times.

New World Order Watch

This is a crucial period of time in the history of the world as we are most certainly heading for a climax. This period is ever so critical as the cartel known as the Illuminati, operating secretly and mostly invisible to the common public has taken control of most of the resources. In the coming days the Illuminati will try to take full control and impose a New World Order. This is going to cause unprecedented grief for all.

Mantra to treat Dog Bite

This is an easy to recite and practice Mantra to remove Poison resulting from a dog bite. The Siddhi [mastery] over this Health Mantra has to be done on the day of any eclipse by reciting this mantra 10,000 times.

Mantra to increase poison of Scorpion Sting

This here is a really unique Mantra to increase the poison resulting from a Scorpion Sting . There are mantras for each and every purpose, this is one of those. This may sound funny, but I am giving these mantras for information purposes only. The mastery over this Mantra has to be acquired on the day of any eclipse, solar or lunar by reciting this mantra 10,000 times.

Benefits of Peacock feathers

The feathers of a Peacock since ancient times have been associated  with numerous deities in HINDUISM . It is associated with Krishna, who is normally portrayed with a bunch of Peacock feathers tied on his forehead. The Peacock is also associated amongst other deities with Shri.Murgan and the Hindu Goddess of wealth Laxmi.

Rise and fall of the New World Order

This certainly is that Quatrain from the Centuries of Nostradamus which describes the rise and fall of the New World Order .This is that Quatrain which comes before the one I last interpreted as being descriptive of the New World Order being Destroyed . This particular Quatrain has been interpreted before as being descriptive of the French Revolution. But the despotic Royal families were not masked and solitary; their excesses were in full public view, which was like rubbing salt in the wounds of the hungry population.

Mantra to find out name of a thief - 2

This here is the second Mantra to find out name of a thief which I am giving. The Siddhi [mastery] over this mantra is acquired on the day of any eclipse, solar or lunar or on the auspicious days of Diwali or Holi by reciting this mantra 10,000 times.

Mahatma Gandhi's Prophecy

This is a famous Prophecy which was made by Mahatma Gandhi nearing the final moments of his life. Here one must remember that Gandhi was not the usual prophet. He was one of the greatest achievers of all time, having defeated the great British Empire without a gun. Gandhi never made useless statements in his life, what he said he always backed up through deeds.Hence this Prophecy has to be taken most seriously, for it is not one of those usual doomsday Prophecies MAHATMA GANDHI was also deeply Spiritual ,though he never flaunted it.

Experiment to subdue enemy

Most often I am asked about simple remedies to overcome everyday problems relating to Protection    Health or Wealth by my non Indian readers who find it difficult to pronounce the various Mantras which have been prescribed for these problems. As I find it difficult to answer all mails, I try to post remedies for common problems.

Mantra while preparing medicines

This is a Dravya Manthan Mantra which is prescribed to be recited while one is preparing medicines. This mantra has to be recited 10,000 times while you are preparing and mixing the medicines.  This is said to ensure successful completion of the project. This Health Mantra is useful for those who prepare Ayurvedic, herbal and Unani medicines. The words Dravya Manthan mean the 'churning of substances'

Nostradamus - New World Order Destroyed

This is a Quatrain of Nostradamus , which has been interpreted by me as the one referring to Nostradamus-Aftermath of the coming Crash . This crash seems inevitable today, more than any other time in the past. This Quatrain describes the looted funds, especially Indian looted funds amounting to an estimated 1.5 Trillion Dollars stashed away in Swiss Banks going to waste.

Mantra to control a Ghost

This is a most unique Attraction Mantra which is prescribed for the Vashikaran or Attraction of a Ghost. Acquiring mastery over this mantra can make you attract and control a Ghost. The procedure to be followed in this experiment is- This experiment has to be commenced under the period of the Mool Nakshatra [ Lambda Scorpio ]

Kanimozhi arrest meaningless

DMK MP Kanimozhi the daughter of DMK Supremo was finally arrested today as her bail application was rejected by the Special CBI Judge O P Saini. Kanimozhi has been charge sheeted in the 2G Spectrum Scam involving Rupees 176,000 crores, India's biggest scam uncovered so far.

How the New World Order is destroying India

The recent goof up by India's premier investigative agency, the CBI has caused huge embarrassment to India and done irreparable damage in its fight against terror. The CBI had included the names of two persons in the list of most wanted absconding terrorists, believed to be hiding in Pakistan. Two of these alleged terrorists are still in India, one in jail and the other out on bail.

New World Order Controlling India

This is a continuation of the post by our guest blogger who highlighted the indications of How will NWO affect India? .I would like to point out that the New World Order has already taken control of the Indian system of Governance, and this has been so for quite some time now. The economic liberalization of India, which started in 1991 rapidly, accelerated the process of the total take over by the New World Order.

Chamunda Vashikaran Mantra - 2

This is the second Vashikaran or Attraction Mantra dedicated to the fearsome manifestation of the mother Goddess in Hinduism Chamunda which I am giving. This Mantra has to be recited on any auspicious day to get mastery over the mantra. Then to attract any person take a Paan [a preparation of the Betel leaf, popular in India] and bind it 21 times by holding the Paan in your hand while reciting this mantra.

Simple Attraction Mantra - 3

This is said to be another simple Vashikaran Attraction experiment. This mantra has to recited 10,000 times to acquire Siddhi [mastery].Then after that if you want to use this Mantra recite it 108 times holding any king of clothing, water or a flower in your hand. This will bind that item with this Attraction Mantra .

Yantra to increase business and trade

This is an extremely simple Yantra for shopkeepers, traders and businessmen who wish to increase their business. This Yantra has to be written on the night of the auspicious day of Diwali on the entrance or a visible place on the wall, safe or cash counter where you keep your money. This Yantra has to be written with Red Sandalwood [ Rakta Chandan ] paste.

Narayan Vashikaran Mantra

This Vashikaran Attraction Mantra is said to attract everyone and is said to be most powerful and effective. This Mantra is dedicated towards Narayana or Vishnu. The mantra Siddhi [mastery] is to recite the Mantra 100,000 times. Then whenever you have to use it has to be recited 108 times while remembering the name of the person/persons you wish to attract.

Mantra to attract husband - 3

This is another Vashikaran Mantra Sadhna to attract your husband. The only problem with this Mantra to attract husband is that you have to kill a Pigeon. This experiment has to be done on the auspicious day of Padva which falls on approximately the 4th day after the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Mantra to attain immortality

This is a Mantra dedicated to the Yakshini Chandrika which the ancient scriptures say can make you immortal. The Sadhana or practice should commence from the Pratipada or the 1st day of the Shukla Paksha or the bright fortnight according to the Hindu calender. From this date till the 15th day of the Full Moon you have to recite the mantra given below 900,000 times. This Mantra Sadhana has to be done at night as long as the Moon can be seen in the night sky.

Mantra to have a child

This is a Yakshini Sadhna Mantra to get a child. This mantra is dedicated to the Putrada Yakshini to bless the childless with a child. You have to climb a Mango tree and recite this Mantra 10,000 times. Doing this will please the Yakshini and you will be blessed with a child is what the ancients say.

Dhanda Yakshini Mantra

This is a Mantra Sadhana which is practiced to please the Dhanda Yakshini and gain Wealth from her. A Yakshini is a feminine form of an omnipresent being that performs specific tasks and is said to have immense powers. They are said to be guardians of wealth and other objects of desire according to the Hindu religion.

Dattatreya Dhyan Mantra

This is the Dhyan or concentration Mantra recited to seek the pure blessings of Dattatreya. Dattatreya is an important deity in the Hindu religion. He is considered to be the manifestation of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh combined. He is also the most important deity in the Nath Sampradata.

Mantra to find out name of a thief

This here is a unique Mantra to find out the name of a thief. The mastery over this mantra is acquired on the day of an eclipse, solar or lunar or on the day of Diwali by reciting this mantra 10,000 times.

Rabindranath Tagore on Silence

These little Gems composed by Rabindranath Tagore, the great philosopher, poet is descriptive of the one and only state of the human mind, the state of pure silence which leads to that elusive state of Non Duality where the observer and the observed become one. The all encompassing silence lives in everything,and everything lives inside it.

The meaning of the 5th Seal

The 5th Seal described in the Bible Prophecies stands for “Judgment “. This Seal, which follows the 4th Seal, which is a description of the state of the world in the period, which has been described in HINDU COSMOLOGY as Kaliyuga. As I said earlier we are somewhere in this period of Kaliyuga. The changes predicted in various prophecies over a period of time have to come; there is no hiding from this fact.

The May Destruction

As we await THE MAY EARTHQUAKE predicted by  Nostradamus as well as being documented in the Bible Prophecies , I have made some images of how this giant earthquake which in all probability will trigger off a massive Tsunami in its wake. The quake is most significant as it will herald in the coming World Climax .

Mantra to cure Jaundice - 2

This is a Mantra the practice of which is said to cure the disease of Jaundice . Siddhi [mastery] over this Health Mantra can be obtained on any auspicious day be reciting it for a total of 1008 times. Thereafter when you have to treat someone a Katori [metal cup] has to be placed on the head of the patient filled with Sarson ka Tel [Mustard Oil].

Hindu Mantra for curing Piles - 4

This is one more Health Mantra which is used for curing Piles . The mastery over this Mantra is achieved in the period of any solar or lunar eclipse by reciting the mantra 1008 times. Then after that you have to take some water and bind the water by holding the mug containing the water in your hand and reciting the mantra 3 times. After this wash the body part affected by Piles. Keep repeating this every day till the Piles are cured.

Mantra for digesting food

This is very good Mantra for digesting properly the food you take. After having your meals this Health Mantra has to be recited 7 times while slowly moving your hand over your stomach. Doing this will help you digest the food in your stomach properly.

Mantra to remove planetary ill effects

This is a Graha Pida Nashak Mantras or a mantra to remove planetary ill effects. The nine planets or NAVAGRAHA keep exerting continuous influences on our lives. Great and beneficial events occur when the planets are aligned in a beneficial position. Many times the planetary transits are in a malefic or adverse position. It is during these adverse transits that one encounters one problem after another.

Nostradamus - Image of Kalki Avatar

This is that Quatrain of Nostradamus which describes CHYREN whom I had interpreted to mean Kalki Avatar , the tenth and final Avatar of Vishnu who is stated to manifest in this period which according to HINDU COSMOLOGY is Kaliyuga. This is an interesting image from the Lost Book of Nostradamus which according to me is an image of Kalki Avatar.

Sai Baba - Prayer for pain relief

Sai Baba of Shirdi has given an assurance through his 11 Vachan or 11 promises or assurances that he is always there for his devotees. There are countless devotees of Sai Baba, and it is but natural that out of these countless devotees some might be in pain due to illness and disease. I have especially for these devotees composed this short Vedna Haran Stotra or a Prarthana or prayer to Sai Baba seeking relief from pain and suffering.

Mantra to control enemy

This is a Mantra which is prescribed to control the mind of your enemy. This is a Protection Mantra ,which is to be used for self protection only and not to trouble anyone. To acquire Siddhi [ mastery ] this mantra has to be recited 10,000 times replacing the word [ amuk ] with the name of the enemy you wish to control.

Mantra for full body pain relief

This is Mantra to get relief if your full body is in a state of pain. You have to take equal quantities of Curds and Yellow mud and mix the two together. Then write down this Health Mantra with the curd and yellow mud mixture on a clean white piece of paper.

Attraction without mantras

These are a couple of experiments for Vashikaran without the use of any Attraction Mantras. Ancient Hindu sages discovered the power of certain plants/herbs and the unique frequencies they vibrated to. These herbs were then put for the general Health , Wellbeing as well as for the purposes of attraction.

Yantra for success in court cases

This is a Yantra from the Muslim branch of Mantra Vidhya which ensures success in court cases. This Yantra has to be written on a clean white piece of paper on a Friday and stitched in a piece of cloth and tied around your neck as a locket. This is said to ensure success in court cases and litigation's.

Nostradamus visualizing Nuclear attack

Of all the Quatrains of NOSTRADAMUS DESCRIBING NUCLEAR WAR this one here appears to be the clearest. CENTURY I I.LXIIII De nuict soleil penseront auoir veu, Quand le pourceau demy homme on verra, Bruit, chant, bataille au Ciel battre apper ceu Et bestes brutes à parler on orra. In the night the people will see the sun and the half pig man.chaos,shouting,screaming in the sky .The lifeless beasts will speak.

Yantra to become victorious

This is a unique Yantra which is prepared for a person to become brave, strong, display poweress and emerge victorious. These procedures might sound strange, but I am giving them as they are. This Yantra has to be written on white piece of paper with the blood from the menstrual cycle of a woman.

Most powerful Yantra

This is the famous 15 Che Yantra [१५ चे यन्त्र]. This Yantra is a very famous and considered to be a powerful Yantra. This is a Sarva-Siddhi or a Yantra to fulfill all desires. This Yantra is prepared on a Bhojpatra leaf and written with Ashtagandha paste or ink by a Silver pin or pencil. Then it can be tied as a locket around your fore arm or neck.

Yantra for child health

This is a specific Yantra for child Health and the prevention of disease and illness. The Yantra has to be written on a Bhojpatra leaf with Kesar [saffron] or Rakt Chandan [Red Sandalwood] and tied as a locket around the neck of the child.It is said to act as preventive talisman.

Nostradamus predicts destruction of Pakistan

With the current situation involving the assassination Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan it appears that we are right on track for the coming World Climax .I had interpreted the Prophecy coded in this particular Nostradamus Quatrain as that of the total Destruction of Punjab Province of Pakistan by way of Nuclear weapons. Century 6- 27. Dedans les isles de cinq fleuues à vn, Par le croissant du grand Chyren Selin : Par les bruynes de l'air fureur de l'vn, Six eschappez, cachez fardeaux de lyn.


Yantra translated into plain English literally means machine. It is an ancient Indian configuration of values comprising of numbers, letters and words and diagrams. These configurations are believed to attract specific frequencies, depending upon the configuration. Yantras are the most powerful Amulets, Talismans and Charms for almost every purpose and problem in life; including health and wealth. Yantras are extensively used in India as remedies to make life easy. I will try to make it as simple and easy as possible for the layman to understand and practice.

Yantra for success in gambling

This is a Yantra which is said to give you success in generating Wealth through gambling and games of chance. This Yantra has to be written on a clean white piece of paper on the night of Diwali under Swati Nakshtra [Arcturus]. Then this Yantra has to be stitched in a piece of cloth and worn on your wrist. It is said this ensures success in gambling and games of chance.

Yantra to cure Piles

This is a Yantra of unique numerological combinations, which is said to eradicate and cure the painful and irritating illness of Piles. This Health Yantra has to be written on a Bhojpatra leaf with Red Sandalwood [Rakta Chandana] and Kesar [saffron] paste mixed together. Then it has to be put as a locket stitched in cloth on your body.

Simple Vashikaran Yantra

This is a very simple to prepare Yantra for the purposes of Vashikaran or the Attraction of any person male or female. This Yantra has to be written on Bhojpatra leaf with a mixture of Kesar[saffron] and Gopichandana [ available in shops selling religious items]. The this Yantra has to be bound by the name of the person whom you wish to attract, by reciting his or her name while holding the Yantra.

Aftermath of the war of the Third Antichrist

This Prophecy of Nostradamus is in my opinion a description of the aftermath of the war of the Third Antichrist .This war causes such a massive magnitude of death and destruction that the entire geopolitical structure of the world as we know it today will undergo a drastic change. II. 19. Nouueaux venus, lieu basty sans deffence Occuper place par lors inhabitable, Prez, maisons, champs, villes prendre à plaisance, Faim, peste, guerre, arpen long labourable. Century – 2 - 19 Newcomers, place built without defense, Place occupied then uninhabitable: Meadows, houses, fields, towns to take at pleasure, Famine, plague, war, extensive land arable.

Rasayana Mantra

This is a unique Mantra for those engaged in the field of chemical research or Rasayana Shastra. It is beneficial for scientists as well as students engaged in any kind of chemical experiment. Choose any auspicious day and start reciting the mantra 108 times daily for a total period of 21 days.

Nostradamus visualizing Osama

Bin Laden is dead. The debate Was Osama Bin Laden Mabus goes on and will go on till the proof is established. The only proof which one wants to see is if the death of this alleged MABUS who was predicted by  Nostradamus will trigger off the immense and unprecedented death and destruction.

Attraction Mantra using dust

This is a Vashikaran Mantra in which the use of dust is used. You have to take a little bit of the dust from beneath the left foot of man and also from beneath the left foot of a woman [it means where they had put their left feet]. Then you have to take some dust from a street corner or a Chowk.

Was Osama Bin Laden Mabus

Osama Bin Laden the chief and founder of Al Qaeda was finally assassinated by the Americans on the early hours of 1 st May 2011. The debate over the Quatrain of Nostradamus which describes a man called MABUS as a trigger to herald unprecedented violence and destruction has cropped up again.

Ganesh Yantra

This is a Yantra which is used to seek the blessings of Ganesha ; it is considered extremely effective in gaining all round success in life. This Yantra has to be written on a clean white piece of paper approximately 2 square inches, with Red Ink. This has to be done on a Tuesday after keeping a fast. In the evening while ending the fast Worship the prepared Yantra and offer Red flowers. Then recite the Ganesh Gayatri Mantra given below108 times.

Yantra for immediate success

This is a specific Yantra which is said to grant immediate success in any venture or effort. This Yantra has to be written on a leaf known as the Bhojpatra which is a product of a sacred tree called as Bhoj. These leaves are readily available in shops selling religious products. Then write down below the Yantra the specific task or venture in which you want success.

Nostradamus visualizing Indian Revolution

This is how I visualize Nostradamus saw the revolution in India which he prophesied and wrote down in a code language. This Quatrain has been till now been related to the French Revolution. When the litters are overturned by the whirlwind and faces are covered by cloaks, the new republic will be troubled by its people. At this time the oranges and the whites will rule wrongly.

Image of Nostradamus visualising India

This here is an image of how Nostradamus visualized India a country which did not exist in his time. Nostradamus called India a new Republic and also the place of the religion named after the sea. He also refers to the three water bodies of the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal in his Prophecies on INDIA and also on Kalki Avatar .

Image of Nostradamus visualising the world

Nostradamus composed his Prophecies by writing down what he saw when he went into a trance like state. I have described this state in detail in my post THE SECRET METHOD OF NOSTRADAMUS . This is an artistic description of the state reached by Nostradamus by way of an image which says it all. Nostradamus is visualising the world as he sees it in the trance like state.

Yantra to attract men

This is a specific Yantra for a woman wishing to Attract a man whom she wants to bring under her spell of attraction. These Yantras are useful for those who do not want to recite Mantras . To use the Yantra a woman has to write it on a chapatti with juice from an onion. Then this chapatti has to be given to the man she wants to attract to eat. Again I have been told that this works.

Mantra to attract Prostitute

Many types of strange Attraction Mantras for Vashikaran purposes have been given for numerous purposes. This here is a unique one which is prescribed for those unique persons who wish to attract a prostitute.

Yantra to attract husband

This is a Yantra which is a numerological Geometric Design comprising of unique numbers. A Yantra also means a machine designed to attract specific energies, This is a Yantra which is designed for a woman who wants to Attract her husband and keep him away from other women. The procedure for using this Yantra is strange, but you have to remember I am giving the procedures as they are.