Benefits of Black Turmeric

Kali Haldi काली हल्दी [Black Turmeric] is extensively used by those practicing Tantrik Vidhya. It is said that keeping a little bit of Kali Haldi on your person is extremely beneficial for one’s Wellbeing and is said to Attract magical vibrations and frequencies.

Keeping Black Turmeric on your person can –

Attract lots of Wealth coming your way.

Said to ensure success in court related matters and litigation.

Frees one from false accusations, frequent fights and disagreements.

This is given for information purposes only, not canvassing the use of Black Turmeric so don’t ask me where you can procure it.

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  1. I have black turmeric with me, so how should I use it now?

    Means I am not understanding what did you convey by "keeping on your person", so please can you clarify?

    1. Keeping on your body, like in the purse or pocket, wrapped in paper or plastic.

  2. I have jamun haldi is there any mantra to activate it for purpose of money attraction

    1. In this post the Tantric benefits of Kali Haldi are explained. It is already said to be a item having certain inherent properties, so there is no specific need to activate it.

    2. Thank you sir for your reply but still i have doubt, it is said that only few black haldi is for money attraction purpose which has naturally gained this properties and it can be checked by bringing a sewing pin near it, if it bends before touching the black haldi, then only this black haldi can attract money others which dont bend pin are plain haldi. I would like to know if this thing is it true. I am asking you this for eduction purpose only, i want to educate those who blindly follow wrong beliefs Thank you.

    3. There are various varieties of Black Haldi and the price varies according to the quality. The source for purchasing best quality Black Haldi has to be reliable.
      There are no such magical things like a sewing pin bending before touching Black Haldi, it is only a story.

  3. thanks neel ji . god bless you .

  4. Sir,
    could you please guide me how to use this Kali Haldi.Where it has to be kept like in Wardrobe, Main door, Pooja room or in person as you mentioned above and any regular pooja to be done to this> How it has to be kept in cloth or just open? Please advice?

    1. You can wear kali Haldi tilak, or keep the Turmeric in your pocket.

  5. Sir,I have few black haldi plants and its a seasonal,it grow in summer and dries up in winter.I don't know it possession attract money or not but work as simple vashikaran if you take tika (bindi) on forehead after taking bath in morning without any mantra.

  6. I have kali haldi with me. Would that use for make more money pleas help.iam confused

  7. Bonjour j'habite à l'île de la Réunion quelqu'un peut me dire où peut-on se procurer du kali haldi? Y a-t-il un site internet où on peut en acheter? Merci.


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