Simple Vashikaran Yantra

This is a very simple to prepare Yantra for the purposes of Vashikaran or the Attraction of any person male or female.

This Yantra has to be written on Bhojpatra leaf with a mixture of Kesar[saffron] and Gopichandana [ available in shops selling religious items]. The this Yantra has to be bound by the name of the person whom you wish to attract, by reciting his or her name while holding the Yantra.

Then the Yantra has to be put in a locket and put around your neck. It is said that this puts that person under your spell of attraction.

        क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं

                  श्री श्री श्री श्री श्री

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  2. Pranam Guruji,
    I just wanted to ask, how many times do we need to recite the name of the person to use this yantra?
    One more question, If we want to use more than one yantra at a time for different purpose, can we put all mantras in same emulate on the same bodypart, i.e. forearm, or we need to use separate emulates for each yantra?

    Kindly bless me with you esteemed & priceless guidance. I'll be highly grateful to you.

    1. The name has to be written just once while you are writing it on the Yantra.
      There is no bar to using different Yantras for different purposes and they can be put on the same body parts near each other.

  3. Aadarniya Guruji,
    Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I'm a bit confused about one thing. As you replied, While writing yantra, I've to recite the person's name once only. Is it right?
    One more question about this yantra, Is this yantra a love yantra or it can be used to bring anyone under control as I want to bring one of my colleague under my control as he creates lots of troubles for me. So, kindly guide me if this yantra can work for this purpose.

  4. guruji what is best yantra or mantra, because mantra gets a lot of time and yantra is so simple. I have no time for mantra. Do really yantra works for me? Please tell me

  5. Dear Sir,
    While making this yantra, I've to recite the person's name only once according to above posts. Please let me know if this is correct?

  6. How long do we have to wear the locket? What to do for lifelong vashikarsn without wearing locket lifelong and also for more than one person?

    1. The Yantra can be immersed in water after you have succeeded in attracting the desired target.


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