Attraction without mantras

These are a couple of experiments for Vashikaran without the use of any Attraction Mantras. Ancient Hindu sages discovered the power of certain plants/herbs and the unique frequencies they vibrated to. These herbs were then put for the general Health, Wellbeing as well as for the purposes of attraction.

1] Take some seeds of Tulsi [Holy Basil] and grind them to a paste.
Take Sahadevi Herb [Ash colored fleabane] and crush it to separate the juice.
Mix the Tulsi seed’s paste with the Sahadevi juice.
This should be done on a Sunday and a Tilak of the paste should be applied to your forehead.
It is said that who so ever sees you will come under your spell of attraction.

2] Take the following plants/herbs
Lajalu leaves [Mimosa pudica]
Sahadevi Herb [Ash colored fleabane]
Aghada leaves [Achyranthes aspera]
Crush all of them to make a paste. Applying a Tilak of this paste on your forehead is said to bring anyone whom you come across under your spell of attraction.

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  1. Sir yeh kitna kargar hai. aur iska laabh shat pratishat milta hai yaha nahi.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Be kind enough to answer:
    The Tulsi seed paste and Sahadev plant paste/Lajlu, Sahadeva, Aghada paste we need to use fresh plant and seed to make the paste, or once the ingredients collected may we take a little part of it and make the paste, or the prepared paste can be preserved in a bottle and used whenever needed...please answer.

    1. Take fresh ingredients each time you wish to practice the experiments.

    2. Sir, one more confusion...which part of the Sahadevi plant should be used for this experiment. If it is 'corn', what do you actually mean by 'corn', the seed or what?

    3. Root of the Shadevi plant. Corn Seeds or Kernels

  3. ok How to do vashikaran of bf. to make him speak to his parents for our marriage. and also how to convince his parents

  4. Dear sir,
    please suggest mantra to attract my lover


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