Mantra to increase poison of Scorpion Sting

This here is a really unique Mantra to increase the poison resulting from a Scorpion Sting. There are mantras for each and every purpose, this is one of those. This may sound funny, but I am giving these mantras for information purposes only.

The mastery over this Mantra has to be acquired on the day of any eclipse, solar or lunar by reciting this mantra 10,000 times.

Then when you want to use on a person stung by a scorpion you have to blow your breath on the body part where the scorpion has stung while reciting this Mantra 7 times. Doing this will increase the amount of poison in the body of the person suffering from scorpion sting.

Tute khaat purane baan,chadh jaa bichu shir ke taan ll
टूटे खाट पुराने बान, चढ़ जा बिछू शिर के तान ll

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