Self Protection Mantra while in Meditation

The Indrajal Mantra given in this post is a self-protection or Atma Raksha Mantra for securing the practitioner of any kind of Mantra Sadhana or Prayog or someone engaged in any kind of deep Meditation. It is useful in preventing any kind of unknown, mystical, paranormal obstructions and dangers while the practitioner is engrossed in the Mantra he or she is chanting or meditating for gaining Mastery over the Tantra.

The Siddhi over this Tantra is gained on the day of Amavasya [no or new moon night] by chanting 11 Malas of this Indrajal Mantra. The practitioner should use a counting Rosary of Rudraksha Beads for counting the number of Mantra Chants.

Then for actual practice after gaining Mastery over the Mantra, the practitioner has to take a knife in his hand and bind the knife by chanting the mantra 7 times. Then he has to draw a circle around himself with the knife,  this will preventing harmful and destructive vibrations and energies from harming or obstructing him or making him loose his concentration and focus.

This Mantra can also be used as a general purpose protection mantra for self-protection, while sleeping or resting in an unknown and unsafe place.

A Hindu Self-Protecting Spell while engaged and kind of Meditation
Self Protection Mantra while in Meditation

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  1. Guruji,

    Can this mantra be chanted and gained siddhi on the day of a full moon?
    I missed the amavasya (no moon day)

  2. Sir, is it satvik or sabhar mantra?

  3. Guru Ji should we chant mantra for 11 times or 11x108=1188 times and also please explain elaborately below given point
    the practitioner has to take a knife in his hand and bind the knife by chanting the mantra 7 times.

    1. Yes, the Mantra should be chanted 1188 times.
      The knife has to be taken in the right hand and the Mantra has to be chanted 7 times to infuse the knife with the power of the Mantra, then the Sadhaka has to draw a circle with the knife around himself, that is the place where he is going to do the Mantra Meditation.
      This prevents malefic energies from disturbing him while he is engaged in the Meditation.

    2. Dear Neel Sir,
      Can we use normal Mala beads if we do not have have Rudraksha beads for now? And what is a "Indrajal" mantra? Please explain briefly. Thanks in advance Sir.

    3. The Tantra mentions Rudraksha as the prefered Counting Rosary.
      In this post the meaning of Indrajal Mantra should be take to be - The Mantra for protection from paranormal magical experiments.

  4. Sir plz tel What time to do sadhna on day or night of amavasya ...n sir is it shabar or vedic mantra....

  5. Sir someone told me that indra jal is negative energy n it should not be used or it have devastating effect..... is it true??? Is chanting of this mantra is good for a satvik sadhak plz guide me sir...

  6. Sir it came to my knowledge that indragal is negative enegy one shuld not chant indrajal mantra or result will be devastating it true canting of this mantra in post is safe for a satvik biggner shadak....sir plz guide....

    1. This is a Shabar Atma Raksha Mantra and the Siddhi Sadhana should be performed as mentioned in the article on Amavasya.
      Negative and Positive energies originate from the mind and if you are a beginner then stay away from those Sadhanas, which scare you and concentrate of Satvik Mantra Experiments.

    2. Thank you sir for ur guidencw sir could you plz point out any protection mantra sadhna ...which i could easily attain siddhi .....i am in great need sir ...

    3. See the protection mantras or Hanuman Mantras sections there are many such self-protection mantras given there.

  7. Thank you sir for ur guidence....

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