Traditional Indian Remedies for Epilepsy

These are some of the unique traditional Indian Remedies for controlling and curing Epilepsy.  These remedies are part of the ancient Indian magical and mystic traditions and formulas and even though I cannot vouch for their success or failure, I am still writing about them, for the sake of giving some options to those suffering from Epilepsy. The first four remedies given are of a paranormal nature and the fifth remedy is a traditional Indian Herbal remedy.

Wearing or Keeping the nails of the front feet of a donkey or a pig on the body are said to give relief from Epileptic Seizures and even cure Epilepsy.

On any Monday, making a ring of the Nail of a Wild Boar and wearing it on the little finger is believed to give relief to Epileptics.

Wearing a rind made from a portion of the horn of a cow and wearing the ring on the little finger gives relief to Epileptics.

Picking up the mud/soil from the place where a Wild Boar has urinated and keeping the mud/soil near an Epileptic, is said to give relief to those who have just suffered from an Epileptic seizure.

For the fifth remedy, the common Indian spices given below have to be taken and put inside a piece of silk cloth, and tied like a bundle and then worn like a curative talisman on the body.
One clove stick
A little quantity of Hing [asafetida]
One Jaiphal [nutmeg]

These remedies appear to be harmless and can be practiced along with the ongoing medical treatment and not as a replacement for the treatment. Any one or more of these remedies can be practiced together.

I had written an article for the benefit of Epileptics and their family members, you can read about it - Here.

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