Home Remedies using Asafetida [Hing]

The common Indian spice Asafetida, Hing in Hindi, apart from its traditional use in the kitchen is widely used in certain traditional home remedies in India as it is known to posses strong curative qualities. Some of the home remedies to cure and give relief from certain ailments and body conditions are given be me here in this post.

A home remedy to reduce paining teeth is to boil water mixed with a pinch of Asafetida and then gargle with this water. Keeping Asafetida in the gaps between teeth kills parasites.

Asafetida is useful to those women who experience repeated abortions, it is said to protect the fetus.  It is also useful in resolving menstrual problems.

A home remedy for migraine and headaches is to mix a pinch of Asafetida in water and then insert a couple of drops in the nose.

A traditional Indian remedy to cure jaundice involves thoroughly grinding  a pinch of Asafetida and a dried fruit of the Goolar Tree[ Cluster Fig  Tree in English] to form a paste, which is then given to a person suffering from jaundice to eat.

Up to 1 gram, Asafetida is roasted and mixed in water and consumed daily as a home remedy for chronic cough, constipation, horace and broken voices and other related ailments.

A pinch of Asafetida is mixed and boiled in Sesame Oil and then a couple of drops are inserted in the ears as a home remedy for painful ears.

A pinch of Asafetida roasted and mixed in clarified butter is said to give relief to those suffering from fainting and the pain and discomfort, which results from fainting.

A pinch of Asafetida is mixed and crushed in water and applied around the belly button of children to give them relief from pain and discomfort due to excessive gas in the stomach. The same remedy can be practiced to stop vomiting in both children and adults.

Asafetida is of a hot nature [Ushna Prakriti] and people having an Ushna and Pitta Prakriti should avoid excess consumption of Asafetida.

Note – Article written solely for imparting knowledge and not to advocate the use of the remedies given in this post.

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