Simple Home Remedies with Oranges

Oranges are rich in iron and calcium content, phosphorus and other mineral substances.  Oranges are said to contain a large quantity of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and B in medium quantities and a small quantity of Vitamin D.  In this post, I will explain how many simple home remedies are practiced with Oranges.

Oranges and Orange juice are useful to those wishing to gain weight and make their blood red and healthy.

Eating Oranges restricts and eradicates intestinal parasites and worms.

Oranges remove excessive gas from the stomach and make the intestines strong and healthy.

Oranges are believed to remove excess heat from the body, regulate blood pressure, and prevent fits and fainting.

Orange juice restricts and gives relief from acidity and gastric problems; it also removes blood impurities and improves the functioning of the kidneys, intestines and other body parts.

Those suffering from cough and cold should consume slightly hot or lukewarm Orange juice in a clay cup or glass as this is beneficial in combating these ailments.

A couple of Oranges eaten before bedtime gives relief from constipation. Orange juice gives relief in cases of severe and chronic constipation.

Oranges are useful in removing nausea and stop vomiting in pregnant women.

Rubbing the face with Orange skin removes boils and pimples.

The juice of the leaves of the Orange tree is believed to remove weakness from the nerves and give relief to patients suffering from aliments like hysteria.

Caution Consuming sour Oranges might cause cough, colds and acidity, excess consumption of Oranges or Orange juice is to be avoided, as it can be harmful.

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