Home remedies using Dates

Dates were an integral part of the diet of MAHATMA GANDHI;  he managed to keep his body fit and healthy mainly through his dietary habits which comprised mainly of Dates, Ghee and Goat Milk.

Muslims break their fast during the month of Ramadan by commencing their meal with the eating of three Dates.

Dates apart from the culinary uses have a lot of medicinal properties attributed to them. A lot of Home Remedies for aliments and diseases are practiced through the use of Dates. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Eating a few Dates every day followed by a cup of warm water is said to liquidify and remove the cough from the body. Likewise the lungs are cleared and ailments like cough and cold are cured. This also purifies the blood.

Crushed Dates, mixed with Cucumber are a boon for the underweight; desiring to increase their weight.

Dysentery is said to be controlled if the if the seeds of Dates are burnt and consumed along with cold water.

Dates are said to have laxative properties. A simple remedy to cleanse the stomach followed in India is to soak Dates overnight in water. Then crush them in the same water and then filter and drink that water.

Impurities of the blood can be removed if some Dates are consumed along with a little bit of honey.

Hysteria can be controlled if a diet comprising of Dates is taken for a some months.

A dozen Dates followed by a glass of milk are said to remove weakness and increase Vitality.

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