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Enlarging the space settlement cylinder

Floors, perhaps 20 levels in an enlarged settlement cylinder, won't need to be very thick since on a 3-10km asteroid they'll never support much weight. Cables inside can support the floors and safely hold the side in and top down against the outside space vacuum. If area per person including for farms etc.was about .02 km^2, then the 20 200m radius levels could have 125 settlers. Big bags of Asteroid matter can be piled maybe 2m thick netted around the big cylinder side and over the top to shield all from frigid space cold and from cosmic radiation and rarely big space debris. (Extremely rare bigger space debris can be detected approaching and safely deflected away.)

A Solar energy collecting disk film converts about 1/3 of sunlight into electricity, thanks to the natures of its special molecules covering some better wavelength ranges. With genetically improved farms needing most of the energy, first imagine what if all the area per person was to be lit all day. That would need disk film per person of .02 km^2 * 3 = .06 km^2, (* 3 due to only 1/3 of Solar light outside getting converted into electricity).

But if actually the average being lit and used inside is for only about ¾ of each day, while the film outside actually collects energy during 1/4 more of every day, then that .06 km^2 per person collects 4/3 times what is actually wanted. Hence near Earth a film area just .06 km^2 * 3/4 = .045 km^2 per person is big enough.

Or while orbiting more slowly out around near Saturn's orbit, where Solar light is only 1/90 as bright as at Earth, then this would require about 4 km^2 Solar energy collecting disk film area per person! 20 levels totaling 125 settlers would then need a 12.7km radius disk. Slow spin will keep it nicely spread quite flat above the small asteroid's gravity of maybe 1/4000 of Earth's gravity. (But if never much farther from Sol than Earth, then they'd only need a 1.34km radius disk. Such a disk on the towers outside each axis end of the Earth orbiting Cylinder space settlement would thus allow 250 settlers.)

If given affordable chances to proudly playfully live for years very light-weight in a good settlement on a small asteroid shifted to periodically swing in more reachable near Earth's orbit, we should expect that out of Earth's many billions, more than enough would be tempted, including some of our more eager or playful young. You might like this too. Living here would be easy, with ever more good robotic devices taking care of farming food and obediently handling many tasks even daily at no cost, better than living unhelped on Earth.

All should enjoy living almost weightless, (except when in some horizontal spun running cylinder inside a couple levels of a bigger surface settlement).Adults may find some repeated extended sexy fun enjoyably extra nice here, with past heavy weights on Earth reduced out here to almost nothing.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask .If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed mail attached FBW.Z

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