Fun life of first settlers in outer space

We should expect those investing in starting a big cylinder settlement orbiting Earth for interested people, would themselves enjoy being among the first moving here. They would know living here should be very safe, and also easy thanks to many more daily tasks than just farming being obediently done free by all the good robotic serving equipment in here. And it should be enjoyable extra good fun living up here at only fractional weight.

No surprise that they would start sending down to Earth happy views of the first settlers clearly having good easy fun up here. This would tempt more and more folks to consider moving up here. The biggest cost for a family doing so would be to get a rocket ride up to here. (And for their new home they would properly pay a good fee to the developers who had earlier invested in planning this and then getting this formed.) Electricity and cleaned water were provided free. Likewise many things produced by all the robotic equipment. No heating was needed. Excess heat was radiated out into frigid cold interstellar space.

Those coming here could later easily return to Earth. The vessels lifting them out here had special wings, letting a pilot skim back into the atmosphere and slow some, then glide into some convenient airport. For some coming out, this could be just an extended fun vacation off Earth. But many of the more interested ultimately decided to stay maybe permanently, enjoying the good fun living up here in fractional gravity, with living kept very easy, thanks to all the good helpful freely serving robotic devices.

As more eager folks moved here, some thought up nice suggestions, like some things to make the central park an extra enjoyable playful fun place, especially since thanks to all the robotic serving devices, all people had lots of play time up here. E.g., it was decided net play cylinders should be put around the axis near the settlement ends and the middle.

Folks at their fractional weights could easily simply pull up on ropes to get up inside the nets. Then that close to the axis, weights would be very slight. You could extremely easily jump across to the other side of the net (while avoiding the axis). You could bounce all around in the nets with friends. More than just children came to enjoy such easy fun playing with friends.

More views sent to Earth also showed giggly folks in the central grassy park volume, maybe easily jumping high, maybe two together, then somewhat slowly falling back. Since several ropes had been hung down from the axis, folks could have fun grabbing one and running, then soon pull up higher or simply lift their feet to swing around the park. Views showed several enjoying almost weightless fun in the nets. You could never do like that down on heavy gravity prison Earth! Lots of good easy fun! More than a few folks on Earth grew envious of all such playful fun.

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