Simple Remedy to control and stop loose motions

The leaves of the Ova herb [Coleus Aromaticus] are said to have tremendous medicinal benefits. This is an aromatic plant whose leaves are used as a flavoring in many dished in India. Apart from being used in Home remedies in the treatment of throat related ailments, the leaves of this plant called Ovachi Pane [ओव्याची पाने] in Marathi and Patharchur [पत्थरचूर] or Pashanabhedi [पाशानाभेदी] in Hindi are used in controlling and stopping loose motions.

Ova Leaf 3D Image
Ova Leaf

This is a Simple Remedy to control and stop loose motions.

Take about 25 grams of Ova leaves and grind them.

Then boil the paste in about 1/2kg water.

Boil till the water evaporates to become about1/4kg.

Then filter this water and drink warm 2 times

This is not a replacement for any existing treatment, but given for information purposes only.

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