Mantra for protection during travel

This is a Protection Mantra which is used for the for protection of the self during travel. This is a powerful mantra.

The Siddhi [mastery] over this mantra is acquired on a Friday by reciting it 108 times. Then when ever you are traveling through a dangerous place, you have to recite this Mantra 3 times and clap your hands on your knees. Then you have to draw a line around the spot on the ground where you are going to lie down or sleep. This will keep all dangers away dangers like thieves and wild animals like tigers, snakes and scorpions away.

You have to remember that these specific mantras were composed mostly in the middle ages; during these times there were danger involved during travel.

Choti mothi thamat baar ko baar bandhe paar ko paar bandhe maradhama haan bandhe jadu veer bandhe tauna tambar bandhe dith muth bandhe chori dwar bandhe bhidiya aur bagh bandhe bicchu aur saap bandhe laaeelaaee ka kot illillaha ki khaie mahammad rasulillaha ki chouki hazrat ali duhai ll

छोटी मोठी थंमत बार को बार बांधे पार को पार बांधे मराघमा ह़ाण बांधे जादू वीर बांधे टौना टंबर बांधे दीठ मूठ बांधे चोरी द्वार बांधे भिडिया और बाघ बांधे बीछू और साप बांधे लाइलाइ का कोट इल्लिल्लाह की खाई महम्मद रसूलिल्लाह की चौकी हजरत अली दुहाई ll

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