Home remedies using Onion

The Onion is easily one of the most common and most consumed of all vegetables. It can be added to most other foods. The Onion has a lot of medicinal benefits. Since ancients Onions have been prescribed as a remedy for a lot of ailments and diseases.

Here I am giving some home Remedies for some ailments which can be done through the use of Onions.

Giving Onion and Jaggery to children to eat is said to increase their height.

If Onion juice is rubbed on the scalp it is said to kill lice.

A mixture of Mustard Oil and Onion juice is said to give relief from pain in the joints if rubbed lightly on the affected part.

If a couple of drops of Onion juice are put in the eyes it gives relief from eye pain and removes impurities.

If a little bit of salt is added to the Onion juice and a few drops put in the eye then it is said that it cures night blindness.

Onion juice is said to give relief fro skin diseases like fungal infections and infections caused due to parasites. The Onion juice if rubbed lightly on the affected portion give relief from itching caused due to the infection.

Nasal bleeding can be stopped if crushed Onion is given to the affected person to smell or if a few drops of Onion juice are put in his nose.

A few small pieces of Onion if boiled in water and then drinking that water is said to cure Cough.

Menstrual problems in women are cured if a few pieces of sliced Onion are eaten everyday.

Rubbing Onion and Garlic paste together can reduce the poison form an insect sting.

Onion juice is said to give relief to patients suffering from Cholera. It has been prescribed that giving a Cholera patient Adding a small pinch of Asafoetida to Onion juice and giving to the patient on an hourly basis is said to cure Cholera quickly.

White Onion, Jaggery and Turmeric mixed together are prescribed as treatment for Jaundice. This mixture if eaten in the morning and evening is said to cure Jaundice.

A few drops of the juice of White Onion if put in the ears is said to cure deafness. if this juice is mixed with honey, then it gives relief from ear pain and stops Puss from accumulating.

Onion juice mixed with honey is said to reduce the poison from dog bite. This mixture has to be rubbed lightly on the affected area.

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