Astrology Mantras

These are various remedies which are practiced to avert the ill effects of malefic planetary combinations and transits. For the benefit of readers I have started this section on astrology mantras. I have given the most relevant methods and tried as far as possible to avoid unnecessary and time consuming practises.
List of Important Hindu Astrology Mantras in Hindi and English Text
लिस्ट ऑफ़ ज्योतिष शास्त्र मन्त्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश

Most Simple Navagraha Mantra
Mantras for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Root Mantras for 12 Astrological Signs-English-Hindi.
kaal sarpa yog mantra
Kaal Sarp Yog Mantra Sadhana - 2
Kaal Sarp Yog Mantra - 3
Gayatri Mantra for Kaal Sarp Yog
Ram Raksha Mantra for Kaal Sarp Yoga
Rahu and Ketu Mantras for Kaal Sarpa Dosha
Shani Mantra- English- Hindi
Shani Mantra
Surya Mantra
Best Surya Mantra
Surya Mantra for Radiant Eyes
Surya Mantra Aradhana for Success
Surya Mantra to stop Headaches
Surya Mantra to cure Ringworm
Sun Mantra for fulfillment of all desires
Mantra for Malefic Planets
Mantra Sadhana for Sade Sati
Mantra to remove planetary ill effect
Mantra to remove planetary ill effect 2
Health Mantra for malefic Astrological Transits
Mantra to begin day
Mantra for Power
Astrology Mantra for Students
Budh Mantra Prayog for Deafness
Mantra for Adverse Moon [Chandra]
Venus Mantra for Material Wealth and Luxuries
Surya Mantra for getting relief from Strokes
Beneficial Surya Mantra to Fulfill Wishes
Surya Mantra Experiment to Win Over Triloka
Shukra Mantra Prayog for Desired Vehicles
Shukra Mantra for Calm Mind and Heart
Budh Mantra for Business and Mind
Mercury Mantra Experiment for Success in Business
Shani Mantra Experiment for Rajyog
Mantra for Shani Dosh Shanti
Tantrik Mantra for Relief from Evil Planets
Mantra to Increase Knowledge on Lunar Eclipse
Mantra Sadhana to Appease Navagraha
Mantra for Life Long Freedom from Malefic Planets
Effective Shukra Mantra for Romance and Money
Effective Moon Mantras for Mood Swings
Mantra to Make Even Adverse Planets Favourable
3 Words Hanuman Mantra to Solve Astrology Problems
Jupiter and Mercury Mantra for Success


  1. please tell me easy trick and mantra to remove black magic my email id is

    1. meri mail id. per puri detail bataye solution de diya jayega.meri id ha

  2. I have to wear pukhraj stone for malefic guru graha. what havan and puja or mantra should I use to activate the stone

  3. Guruji Pranam..
    Guruji I want to learn about what is life? what is power? which power is in earth? pls Guruji i will die one day but i want to get some answers for life.

    Thank you Guruji.

  4. Pranam guruji

    I love a boy but its not same on his side nevertheless i want him in my life as not a single day without hom is possible for me... i want him to see n feel the love n feeling i have for him n i want to marry him.

    Pls pls give mi a mantra n how to use it how to perform it to make him realise my love n feelings for him

    Thank u

  5. Any poojas for peaceful married life

  6. Guruji Pranam,

    I live in a joint family with my elder brother's family and mother. Their life style is different from mine and my wife's. Every single time we make a statement about their life style or their mistakes, or their odd behavior the exact same things happen to me or my wife or my kid.

    for example last week their daughter got some stomach infection. they usually go to a crude doctor and he prescribes powerful antibiotics for 2 weeks even when not needed. I made a strong statement that the doctor is a crude fellow and antibiotics should not be taken so often. My brother and his wife did not like my statement.

    Then Next week my 10 year old daughter gets same kind of stomach infection for the 1st time and we are forced to take strong antibiotics for 10 days.

    Every time our statements are not liked by them something similar bad will happen to us also.

    Is this some kind of witch craft?

    Is there a mantra/remedy to protect my family from such witchcraft or negative power?

    Even if we want to ignore them and be silent my mother plays a bad role by gossipping about us with the other one at our backs and fuels rivalry and restlessness.

    I kneel before you and beg you to suggest me some remedy or mantra to shield my family from their evil thoughts. This is going on since 10 years. We are becoming week day by day.

    Please help me.

    Thank you
    Lakshman Joshi

    1. Respected Guruji has given several remedies for all problems. Kindly spend time exploring this site. You will find a solution for sure.

  7. nice article


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