Shani Mantra- English- Hindi

This is a Mantra dedicated in praise of Shani Dev or Saturn to ward off the malefic frequencies of the Sade Sathi.Sade Sathi is the 7/1/2 year transit of Saturn, when Saturn enters the house which is before the house, in which the Moon is placed at birth or the Moon sign. Saturn spends about 2/1/2 in this sign and then moves to the Moon sign and after that the next house after the Moon sign.Thus Saturn spends about 21/2 years in each sign.

The period of Sade Sati is feared in India and various remedies are practiced in order to ward off the ill effects.

This is a simple Mantra which can be recited by anyone.


Shani Mantra
Konastaha Pingalo Bhabhurhu Krishno Roudrantako Yamaha l
Sowrihi Sanaischro Mandha Pippaladen Samstuthaha l
Namaste Kona Samsthaya Pingalaya Namostute l
Namaste Roudradehaya Namaste Chantakayacha l
Namaste Manda Sanjaya Namaste Sowrayevibho l
Namaste Yama Sanjaya Sanaischara Namastute l
Prasada Kuru Devesa Deenasya Pranatasyacha l

शनि मंत्र
कोणस्थ: पिंगलो बभ्रु: कृष्णौ रौद्रोंतको यम: l
सौरी: शनिश्चरो मंद:पिप्पलादेन संस्तुत: l
नमस्ते कोणसंस्थाय पिंगलाय नमोस्तुते l
नमस्ते रौद्रदेहाय नमस्ते चांतकायच l
नमस्ते मंदसंज्ञाय नमस्ते सौरयेविभो l
नमस्ते यमसंज्ञाय शनैश्चर नमोस्तुते l
प्रसादं कुरु देवेश: दीनस्य प्रणतस्यच l

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