Hindu Mantras for pain relief -2

These are Shaabri mantras for relief from physical pain. These mantras are in the olden Marathi language. I have tried to translate the mantras as best as I could.

Mantra for backache
This mantra has to be recited as many times as possible when you are experiencing back pain; doing so will relieve your back pain.

Chalta jaavn uchalta jaay l Bhasma karta uh uh jaay l
Siddha guruki aan, mantrasacha,pind kacha,furo mantra ishwarivacha ll

चलता जावं उछलता जाय l भस्म करता उह उह जाय l
सिद्धि गुरुकी आन,मंत्रसाचा,पिंड काचा,फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरीवाचा ll

Mantra for protection from accidents/pain
This mantra has to be recited 1000 times to acquire siddhi.Thereafter you acquire siddhi,it should be recited only 3 times whenever you are fearing accidents/body pain.

Om nama vajjarka kotha jisme pind hamara baitha,ishwar kunji Brahma taalla mere athoyam ka yati hanumanth rakhwala l

ॐ नम:वज्र्रका कोठा जिसमें पिंड हमारा बैठा, ईश्वर कुंजी ब्रह्मा टाळा मेरे आठोयाम का यती हनुमंत रखवाला ll

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  1. Sir . Jo backache Ka shabar mantra he uska pronunciation sahi he kya???? Kuki aur jagah alag diyaa huaa he????

    1. There are many differences in the wordings of these Mantras, the one give in this post is from an authentic text.

  2. Guruji thank you so much for posting this! The first mantra really works! I only said it 3 times & my horrible back pain is gone! My sister has horrible back pain as well & my friend too. Please tell me will that first mantra work to relieve their pain if I recite it while laying hands on them or massaging their back? Please let me know ASAP because my sister uses opiates for the pain & I want her to stop. Thanks again so much I thank God for you. I have benefited from your teaching several times before but this one was especially relieving. I feel as if a miracle has occurred today.


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