Hindu Mantra for Eye troubles

This is a Hindu Mantra for relief from Eye pain, this Mantra is from the Shaabri Vidya or the divine Shaabri knowledge of the Navanath’s the nine saints or Masters.

This Mantra is written in the ancient Marathi language which is quite different from the spoken Marathi of today, the Navanaths wrote their Mantras in the commonly spoken language as the masses did not understand Sanskrit which was known only to the learned.

This Mantra is dedicated to Hanuman to relieve the Eye pain. I have tried to translate it into English as best as I could, any better translations are welcome.

This Mantra has to be recited 11 times loudly and a small branch of a lime tree with leaves has to be rubbed only slightly over your eyes. This ritual should be continued for three days the pain in your eyes will decrease.

Om jhalmal jaher bhari talaaie l
Asthachal parvat se aaie l
Jahan baata Hanumantha l
Jaai futaiee na pakaiee l
Kariaee na peeda jati l
Hanumanth hare peeda l
Meri bhakti guru ki shakti l
Furo mantra ishwari vacha l
Satyanam adesh guru ko ll

ॐ झलमल जहर भरी तलाई l
अस्ताचल पर्वत से आई l
जहां बठा हनुमंता l
जाई फुटै न पाकै l
करै न पीड़ा जाती l
हनुमत हरे पीड़ा l
मेरी भक्ति गुरुकी शक्ति l
फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरी वाचा l
सत्यनाम आदेश गुरु को ll

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