Hindu Mantras for having children

This is an ancient Mantra which has been described in Shaabri Vidya or the divine knowledge of the Navanath’s or the nine saints and Masters.

The woman wishing to have a child has to have darshan of Maruti or Hanuman for 5 days. On the fifth day after doing pooja of Hanuman she must recite this Mantra 108 times and then make thick rotis of 1 ¼ kilograms wheat which she should distribute amongst monkeys.

Om hreem lajja jallaya thn thn la Om hreem Swah l
ॐ ह्रीं लज्जा जल्यां ठ:ठ: ल: ॐ ह्रीं स्वाहा l

This is another Mantra for having a child, the woman wishing to have a child should pray to Shri. Ram and then recite this Mantra as many times as possible.

Prem magan kaushalya nisidin jaat na jan l
Sut-Sneha bas mata balcharit kar gaan l
प्रेम मगन कौसल्या निसिदिन जात न जान।
सुत सनेह बस माता बालचरित कर गान॥

This is one more Mantra for having children, this Mantra is dedicated to Shri. Krishna.The woman reciting this Mantra should pray to Krishna and recite this Mantra as many times as possible.

Devaki suta Govinda Vasudeva Jagatpate l
Dehi meTanayam Krishna tvaamaham Sharana gatah.ll
देवकी सुत गोविंदा वासुदेव जगतपाते
देहि में तनयं कृष्ण तवाम्यहं शरणं गतः

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  1. sir,
    i have got a vham that their is something in my stomach.and whole day i am not able to any work.and whole day i have tension in my mind.could you please give some mantra .i would be very thankful to you.


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