Nostradamus-Assassination of Mabus

The Mabus prediction by Nostradamus has and is still evoking great interest, which appears to be increasing day by day. Mabus as I have indicated before is not the third Antichrist, but the trigger, which will set in motion destruction of a magnitude witness never before.

Nostradamus according to me has described the assassination of Mabus, which will occur soon after Mabus has achieved something big on the international scene. The assassination of Mabus, who I am sure, is an American will trigger off vengeance and revenge of a kind and magnitude, which only America can deliver.

Mabus puis toft alors mouera viendra,
De gens & beftes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, foif, faim, quand courra la comete.
Mabus dies soon and there happens, a dreadful destruction of people and Animals. At once vengeance appears a Hundred hands with thirst and hunger.

I have studied another Quatrain from the Nostradamus-Prophecies, which according to me indicates the location, timing and method of the assassination. Let’s have a look at these Quatrains, which according to me describes the method and place of the assassination of Mabus.
Edgar Leoni Century 2- 70.
Le dard du Ciel fera son estenduë,
Morts en parlant grande execution,
La pierre en l'arbre la fiere gent renduë,
Bruit humain monstre, purge expiration.
The dart from the sky will make its extension, Deaths speaking: great execution. The stone in the tree, the proud nation restored Noise, human monster, purge expiation.

Erika Cheetham
Century 2- 70.
Le dard du Ciel fera fon eftendue,
Morts en parlant: grande execution,
La pierre en l'arbre la fiere gent renduë,
Bruit humain monftre, purge expiation.
The arrow from heaven will make its journey. Dead while speaking; a great execution. The stone in the tree, the pond nation brought down. The rumor of a human monster, purge and expiation.
Artwork of Nostradamus Image 3D
Nostradamus Image 3D

The dart from the sky described by both Edgar Leoni and Erika Cheetham is the missile, which kills Mabus. This dart has been described by many as a comet do not subscribe to this view.

The important codes in this Quatrain are -deaths specking or dead while speaking. This I think indicates that Mabus is killed while giving a speech after achieving something really big.

The next key is stone in the tree. This either indicated a place with this landmark or a location.

The next key is proud nation or pond nation. I would go with pond nation. The nation which is involved or where the assassination is carried out is mentioned by the code “pond nation”

The last key is expiation and purge, which indicate the vengeance. The responsibility of the assassination is placed squarely on the pond nation, which has to bear the consequences; there is indication of a purge in that nation.

All in all the assassination of Mabus will trigger off a massive chain reaction of death and destruction, unprecedented in the history of mankind.

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  1. Hello all,
    The key to fially understanding Nostradamus is the same thing that "unseals" other prophecies, ergo the symbology of the ancients.

    I have spent the last decade reverse-engineering ancient wisdom and the symbology used to decode it. You may down a copy for free. I am the proverbial gift horse and horse's mouth and it is time to initiate the great change...

    Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols

    Peace and Wisdom

  2. As the top civilian official in the U.S. Navy, Mabus has been charged with the difficult task of trying to build a 313-ship fleet by 2019, a target lawmakers doubt the modern Navy has the budget to make happen. Mabus was considered a good choice for the "Navsec" job because one of his home state of Missisippi's prime industries is shipbuilding.

    But in June 2010, President Obama also charged Mabus with an even more difficult task following the massive BP oil spill: formulating a "longer-term strategy for restoring the Gulf region and changing the way the country uses energy." Wilson, Scott and Kornblut, Anne E., The Washington Post, In address to nation, Obama urges action on clean energy bill, June 15, 2010(1)Wilson, Scott and Kornblut, Anne E., The Washington Post, In address to nation, Obama urges action on clean energy bill, June 15, 2010

  3. I truly believe that Mabus was Osama Bin Laden!

  4. Most people are now convinced that Usama bin Laden is Mabus, but some are not yet sure he was the anti-Christ. It could be that Mabus' death is a time reference for what follows--death of people and animals--especially since he also mentions the passing of a comet. Comet Elenin is scheduled to cross the earth's orbit in late-August, within four months of Mabus' death. My sense is that the "terrible undoing of people and animals" takes place after the comet passes our orbit, meaning September through November 2011. The anti-Christ rises during this time, perhaps in response to Mabus' death. In another quatrain, Nostradamus talks of a "black king" or "black one" as finding revenge with killing "the angry one." This again is a reference to Bin Laden (angry one) and "black king" a reference to President Barack Obama who has delivered vengeance for 9/11. Lastly, there is one thing missing in all of this, where will the anti-Christ come from and WHO is he?!

    1. I believe that Nostradamus speaks of the "Ante' Christ's" arrival upon the modern-day scenes now days! This person can be known as the "one who precedes the return of Jesus the Christ, and not the same one as referred to as the "anti-Christ" which means "any and all who go against the teachings of Jesus." The word "Ante" is what one does when playing a game of cards, or placing a bet. The "Stone in the Tree" maybe the Moon above, which was brought-in, in 12,500 b.c. by a Reptilian race, setting the planet at a 10 degree tilt. This Moon will be imploded in Sept. 2015 by the Galactic Federation of Planets, I have been told first hand.

  5. Given Nostradamus's deliberately confusing style, there have been conflicting reports as to whether Mabus is the anti-Christ or not. It may well be that both Obama and Osama are referred to Nostradamus as Mabus with Obama the good guy and Osama the bad guy.

    Note that Nostradamus says "Mabus will soon die", the keyword is "soon". I believe this means that Mabus will be seriously injured and die shortly thereafter. Therefore it cannot be Osama who died instantaneously. I am very worried for the safety of Obama especially after 1st May 2011 incident.

  6. I am Mabus. Need proof the 3 middle numbers of my social are 666. I will bring peace to the whole world.

  7. I am afraid hate mongers will kill Obama when he gives victory speech after he wins re election. The blame will be put on Iran or Muslims or some fall guy. Truth will never be known just like Kennedy assassination. But ww3 will follow. There will be nuclear confrontations. Some countries will disappear or back to stone age

  8. There is a megalithic stone in Ireland called 'The Stone of the Tree,' from a distance this stone can be mistaken for a tree stump. This could be the above mentioned "The Stone of the Tree". If so, the location of Mabus' death would be Ireland.

    I think the above mentioned "pond nation" or "proud nation" is instead a 'pound nation.' A nation that uses the pound for currency. There are several nations that use the pound for currency, Syria is one of them. I think Syria will be the nation held accountable for Mabus' death and in turn face the consequences. This would also fulfill an endtimes Bible prophecy of the destruction of Damascus.

    The 39th G8 summit will be held in Northern Ireland, June 17-18, 2013. Ten heads of state are to attend including Barak Obama whom I believe is Mabus.

    *Added note: ET Contactee Billy Meier has prophesied the death of four world leaders within seven days of one another would be a prelude to WW3.

    *A poem by Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa on Barak Obama:

  9. Hello, stone in tree could be Bolivia?

  10. Well, very recently a Latina physic living in United States predicted Donald J. Trumpf would win the presidential elections because the disclosure of a letter that would beat his opponent. That there would be legal disputes because of how he won, but and soon after his inaugurationthere would an assassination attempt that it might be successful . As it is now known Trump was having secret conversations with Vladimir Putin yet his has not been impeached for he has not taken office yet. But this Latina psychic did predict Trump winning and how he would win, and what is going to happen maybe max of two years no more. So I think he is Maybus

  11. Hello
    I have solved the riddle
    2, 62
    Mabus = Virus
    Assassination is the word chosen instead of 'erradication' or 'prevention' or any type of good deed because the response to the virus is not good, it is blatantly nefarious. People are being euthanised, murdered, slaughtered en masse, these words are synonymous with 'assassination'.
    Viruses were discovered in the 19th century. Nostradamus predicted this in the 16th century, before the word for 'virus' existed. You will find that if you erase part of each of the first three letters an M can become a V, and an 'a' can become a i and a 'b' can become a 'r'.
    "There will come of people and beasts a horrible rout."
    The 'beasts' in the same context as 'people' are literally corporations, and the word 'rout' literally means a disorderly retreat, as in defeat, as though the virus has defeated us and we had no choice but to lockdown. The response to these unlawful lockdowns is hundreds of protests. The word 'hand' and the use of hand-sanitizer is a coincidence. People are being literally and physically stifled by the wearing of face masks. Being stifled is not the same as being thirsty, but in either case there is the lack of something. Hunger may result from food shortages due to lockdown restrictions disrupting supply chains. It's not a comet it's a hoax.
    2, 70
    The "dart from the sky will make its extension" - ever seen a hypodermic syringe? It extends and retracts. "Deaths speaking: great execution." - the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have died from the illegal mandatory medical experiments with so-called vaccines shows that this is evidently a cull. People are no tbeing vaccinated they're being executed en masse. "The stone in the tree" clearly refers to the blood clots forming in the tree-like structure of veins in the body. Not 'a' body, not 'a' tree, but 'the' body, but 'the' tree. words chosen very carefully. "the proud nation restored" - yes pride indeed of the people who have taken the clot-shot and think they have accomplished some virtuous act and restored the nation. They have not. All they have done is comply with the perptrators of this great crime against humanity, this assassination of 'us' which are the only two letters in the word 'virus' that Nostradamus got right. "Noise" - refers to the noise in the nervous systems of those who are suffering uncontrollable shaking from the clot-shot. "human monster" - refers to the deformaties and birth defects resulting from the clo-shot. The only positive part is the purge (of the criminals behind the hoax) and there will be expiation. You may be aware that there is a connection between the banks charging interest on huge furlough loans to nations, the politicians misrepresenting their people by taking these loans and locking down the economies as a condition of said loans, between the liar *ews networks who are repeating the virus lie ad nauseam, and the bug pharmaceautical giants who are manufacturing the dew-needles and the liar politicians misrepresenting the people by buying these drugs to make their own filthy kind rich. They are all *ews. Purge time.

  12. Why pretend to be interested in knowing what the Mabus (i.e. virus) prediction means if the truth has to be censored by means of an arbitrary decision from those responsible (Google is one of them) as to whether or not the truth (i.e. about their crimes against humanity) can even be shared in this comment section?


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