Mabus is another interesting personality who has been referred to in the prophecies of Nostradamus there is a great debate going on what Mabus means, Mabus has been described as the third Antichrist I don’t agree to this nor do I think that his death will cause the third world war the death of Mabus will cause immense death and destruction which will destabilize the world and usher in a climate of violence and uncertainty. One has to look at this quatrain and the one below it for both are related.

Mabus Death 3D Artwork Image
Mabus Death
Mabus puis toft alors mouera viendra,
De gens & beftes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, foif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus dies soon and there happens
A dreadful destruction of people and
Animals. At once vengeance appears, a
Hundred hands with thirst and hunger,

This quatrain describes the death by murder or assassination of a person called, Mabus is the code used by Nostradamus for this person’s name, this person has been called by many Nostradamus experts as the third Antichrist I don’t agree on this explanation Mabus is according to me a very powerful world personality who is killed or assassinated by way of a missile strike his death will spark off massive repercussions almost immediately to seek revenge for this Mabus will certainly have to be a very powerful person, this revenge will cause huge death and destruction. The comet described by Nostradamus is the missile which causes the death of Mabus.

Nostradamus Mabus Code Image
Nostradamus Mabus Code
Apres grât troche humain plus grâd s'apprefte,
Le grand moteur les fiecles renouuelle,
Pluye, fang, laict, famine, fer & pefte :
Au ciel veu feu, courant longue eftincelle.

After great trouble for humanity, a greater one approaches,
When The Great centuries are renewed,
It rains blood, milk, famine, war and plague,
In the heavens, a fire is seen with a long spark tail.

This quatrain is related to the one referring Mabus the key here are the words fire with a long tail this has been misinterpreted by many to be a comet when in fact it is a long range nuclear missile which causes huge death and destruction this missile strike will be part of the revenge taken for the death of Mabus. This will happen in the near future as is evident from this prophecy. Also, see related NOSTRADAMUS HOW TO IDENTIFY MABUS.

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  1. Hi Prophet.
    "When the great centuries are renewed" could this mean the Mayan prediction 2012 or the Hopi prediction of the 5th world ?
    Will- MFS.

  2. this means the current renewal into the twenty first century

  3. I agree with you, Mabus cant be an antichrist and neither his death will cause any destructions or third world war.

  4. Mabus ID can't be certain, but 'comet' as missile strike makes sense, & Mabus death & 3rd Antichrist predictions didn't conform.
    I remembered the Nosty prediction so feared as Y2K neared.

    The year 1999 "sept mois" (not '9th month' as you show on other page)
    From the sky will come a/the great King of Terror.
    To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
    Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

    "Sept" clearly DOES correspond to September, our 9th month- but the 7th month of the ancient Roman calendar.
    When July '99 passed calmly. many used it to 'debunk' Nosty.
    I waited for September.
    Then waited some more.
    Translating someone who obscured specifics with anagrams, reversals and soundalikes is an iffy thing, always worth watching.

    Hogue notes a reversal (typical Nosty) of the digits used in 1999, to 9111 yields 9-11-1
    requiring only the reversal, then accepting '1' as the first year to translate as "on the 11th of september in the first year of the millenium." (911 was first such ever after Nostradmus born.

    2000 -last year of -2nd millenium.
    2001 - 1st year of third millenium.
    September - sept mois
    In concordance with the "1999" reversal, the quatrain may be translated:
    In September of 2001, on the 11th,
    The Great King of Terror will come from the sky.
    (nothing could describe bin Ladin & the attack better or more precisely)
    To resurrect the Great King of the Mongols (Khan)
    Before and after Mars rules by good luck (Mars means war, good luck - fortuitous positioning in the Zodiac.
    (usually translated as: "Mars rules happily)
    (2b cont'd.)

  5. continuation

    There is no doubt among non-Muslims that the King of Terror is Bin Ladin (actual spelling of family name)
    mabus as m-a-b-u-s doesn't start out in concordance with Osama -
    but that isn't his name -
    it's Usama - Usama b.
    No one is hunted more intently by the Predator missileers than Usama.
    (The Intels call him UBL not OBL)
    Usama binLadin - Usama Binladin -
    Or "Usama B."
    ONLY the single 'a' ISN'T in "mabus"
    so: aligning the letters of UBL's real name with the letters in their place in "Mabus":
    (a) Mabus
    the 2nd "a" can be either
    us(a)Ma B. or usam(a) B.
    a single "a" is far less "discrepancy"
    than in dozens or hundreds of accepted Nostradamus alterings.
    (2b cont'd.)

  6. pt. 3

    Some intels think he's dead from a missile strike already - lack of acknowledgement by both sides for opposite reasons.

    What should make us shiver is that only one Islamic country has nukes.
    It's government is shaky, at best.
    UBL lives there. His friends the Taliban are resurgent.
    The country could fall and the only operative Islamic nuclear weapon program be possessed by our most dire enemies.
    Their nuclear program and their bomb were masterminded and designed by their national hero A. Q. KHAN
    Their nuclear tipped missile is called "ghauri" - translates as "KING"
    War already reigns happily.
    The translation is fulfilled, The King of Terror is here and struck on the exact date of the translation, from the sky.
    Khan has been resurrected, and equipped his troops with nukes.
    War reigns.
    Be very afraid.
    Peace - Bluesilver

  7. I believe in Nosty's prophecies, but i don't like the way you guys interpret Mabus.
    When reading Nosty's prophecies, ANY, you should keep in mind Nosty's background, the world arround him and how his world shaped his mind (e.g. America didn't exist in his days).
    I heared somewhere that the Nosty's "City of God" was intepreted as New York! HOW? "City of God" is obviously Rome!

    Thats why i think Mabus should be interpreted as something different.

    Another thing:
    "Pluye, fang, laict, famine, fer & pefte"
    Pluye = the rain, not the verb, but the noun.
    Fang = could be translate as "mud", not "blood". We all know that in Nasty's period S or F was written in the same way. So, fang (very similar to the italian "fango" = mud) is contextually more correct. "Rain and mud" not "it rains blood"... Little bit different, don't you?

    This should be the right way to translate and interpret.
    So, Mabus... Maybe "ma-" could mean "my"... but honestly i don't really know.

  8. someone should take a look at current secretary of the navy...Ray Mabus

  9. Ray Mabus is the current Secretary of the Navy

  10. MABUS = obaMA Barrak hUSsain.

    To read more about obama try sites like

  11. I'd be real interested why noone has connected u to the screen name yet but whatever have at it

  12. Cristian ur one of my kind great work

  13. Hi prophet Nostradamus say"WORLD WAR 3 WILL BEGAN WHEN MABUS DIE"that mean the third antichrist is bin laden his die and america is in danger!!!right?

  14. h

  15. when he ses resergence of the mongles could he be talking aboult china there groing in stranghth

  16. when he ses the resergence of the mongles could nostradamus mean china will invade all of asia south of rusia this could have something to do with the supposed 27 year war

  17. Mabus ive reas was born in Jerewsulem in 1960 but hes NOT a jew..

    so there for you would also have to look at where your candidates were born..i dont not believe its your 44th president..i do believe that this person is in the middle east..stabbing the Americans in the back and his followers are going to finish what Mabus started. and he will come back in spirit and kick ass..this is my understanding of years of looking at the clues.. but who is he..well the americans already killed him so now all his friends are taking revenge...look in the middle east...

  18. Is it that hard to believe that with a country like Iran and our two faced pals in Pakistan among others that a dreadful destruction of people and animals in U.S is certain in the near future. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to pin point which area or areas will result in famine and plague if struck with forceful vengeance. With our congressional civil war, our unequal distribution of wealth, and the blatant fact that Americans look like leaderless buffoons, whatever Nosty predicts for our future I personally welcome. It would be liberating. Bring on the wrath.

  19. It's not who is The Mabus!!!, It is what is The Mabus..!

  20. My original title was once Moab.
    a.k.a Moav
    I was also known as the god of lighting & thunder Mooabus.
    a.k.a mooavus.
    soon The Name Mabus
    a.k.a Mavus

    It will be known to the unkowing.
    Crowley knew my title as well the A.A. & the O.T.O... When asked the great question is their a God i answered wrong. :)

  21. p.s. i am not the anti-christ my murder will bring The Gods vengance.

    There is one race - the human race.
    There is one human - Godhuman.
    There isone life - Godlife.
    There is one mind - godmind.
    There is one jihaad - innerjihaad.

    The Mabus is non-race...

  22. Mabus or Laus Masbu was Slobodan Milosevic, former lider from Balkans.

  23. Ma=jewellery
    Bus=something that keeps
    So Jewellery is also mentioned in the bible as the land of Israël . Conclusion the keeper of Israël! Somebody who leads Israël or is it Obama that protects it until now :)


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