Nostradamus - Mabus Murder Prophecy

The murder of Mabus as all Nostradamus interpreters will tell you is the key to trigger off and herald in the most destructive third world war. So far, two specific Nostradamus Quatrains have been used to find and arrive at a conclusion about the real identity of the man coded by Nostradamus as Mabus. I would like to add another Nostradamus prophecy to that list.

This Quatrain has been attributed by everyone, including me to be the one referring to the Kennedy assignations-

Nostradamus – Century 1 - 26
“The great man is struck down in broad daylight by a thunderbolt. According to the evil deed predicted by the bearer of a petition. As per the prediction, another is struck at night. Conflicts in Rome, London and pestilence Tuscany”

This indicates that the murder of this great man is most definitely going to take place by a missile strike, most likely a shoulder fire missile, outdoors in a public place. The Kennedy brother were murdered using guns, guns were common during the life and times of Nostradamus. There is no way Nostradamus could have mistaken gunshots for a thunderbolt.

Along with this assignation is a connected second murder, which takes place at night. In both the cases there is likely to be advance knowledge about these murders, the petitions could refer to intelligence reports.

If one looks at the same Quatrain, I wonder, which Conflicts took place in Rome and London or was there a pestilence in Tuscany at the time of the murders of the Kennedy brothers. This is an unfulfilled prophecy, which could be fulfilled in the near future.

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