Laxmi Kavach Yantra – Mantra for Gemini

This is the third Laxmi Kavach Yantra – Mantra being published in the series on the Good Luck Laxmi Talisman for all the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. This Yantra along with the Mantra at the bottom is for the sign Gemini, Mithun Rashi in Hindi.  Also given in this post, is a brief general reading on the money and fortune prospects for the people born under Gemini.

The life of Geminians is full of changes. They either enjoy a good life with a good fortune or go through continuous misfortunes and this depends largely on the opposite sex. They will normally experience both a life of plenty and a life of hard times.  They are likely face family disputes and differences with their father. They usually bring about their own downfall.

If the planets Mars, Saturn and Venus, the lords of the 6, 8 and 12th houses influence the people born under the Gemini, they will face losses through secret love affairs. They might even gain illegitimate progeny because of their extramarital love affair and this could be source of financial disputes.

Laxmi lucky Yantra and Mantra for the astrological sign Gemini
Laxmi Kavach Yantra – Mantra for Gemini

Note – The Yantra making and Mantra chanting procedure is the same as given in this post - Here.

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