Laxmi Attraction Yantra - Mantra for Business

This is a Business Attraction Mantra –Yantra Sadhana. This Sadhana is useful to those believers in the science of Vashikarn who wish to attract a specific person for the purposes of trade, commerce, business and industry. This Sadhana is done to invoke Kamla; another name of the Goddess of Wealth; Laxmi, for the purposes of attraction.

This mantra given below is to be chanted 100.000 to gain mastery over it. Then the Kamla Yantra given here has to be prepared on Bhojpatra with either Ashtagandha or Sandalwood paste with any kind of pointed stick. The place where "नाम" is written is to be replaced with the name of the individual whom you wish to bring under your spell of attraction.

Then this Yantra has to be inserted into any kind of amulet; Cloth or Metal and worn around the right forearm while going to meet or interact with that individual. This is a Satvik Sadhana and hence purity must be maintained while practicing this Sadhana, one must not partake in non-vegetarian food or consume alcohol.

Laxmi Attraction Yantra - Mantra for Business
Kamla Laxmi Yantra

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