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Importance of the Muladhara Chakra

In this post on Kundalini awakening I am giving some of my thoughts on the subject and not recommendations or advice on how to activate and awaken the Kundalini Shakti. I hope some sincere practitioners will find this useful.

The most important Muladhara Chakra located at the bottom of the spine in the area between the anus and the genital is where the Kundalini Shakti lies coiled and dormant; waiting to be awakened. This Chakra symbolizes the Creative forces in nature.

This creative force at its purest is symbolized by Ganesha or Brahma. The universally accepted Beej Mantra to meditate upon this Chakra is Lam लं.

On the lower side, the Muladhara Chakra is symbolized by the Dakini; this mystic energy, omnipresent in the atmosphere can be linked to the basic needs for survival, at the gross level, including sex, which this Chakra symbolizes. Having security in life is what this Chakra is all about. The quest for finding security leads to greed, accumulation and other gross actions.

This Chakra is said to have in its center a triangle where the Kama Beej – Kleem क्लीं or the root Mantra of Kama [desire] is located. The Muladhara is the only one out of the seven Chakras that has a specific Beej Mantra for a specific purpose attributed to it.

Most people, even the spiritually inclined ones are victims of desire; even if they do not realize it. Its not only desire at the gross level; accumulation of wealth, power or having great sex, but even longing to be a pious person; a yogi, guru or an enlightened person; which amounts to desire.

Concentrating on the symbolism attributed to the various Chakras obstructs the real purpose and the one in the quest to attain perfect yogic knowledge; unintentionally becomes a victim of desire. The practitioner must remember that what he is doing and desires perfection in, is second hand or hundredth hand account of someone who reached that state. The practitioner should realize that he is trying to find the unknown; so how can what is the known be the unknown. Did the Buddha or Mahaveer have a Guru?

Certain Aghori [fearsome] practitioners of Tantra practice try to overcome desire and sensual feelings by indulging in acts like having sex with corpse or eating excrement. Their end purpose is the same as that of the Satvik [pure] practitioners of KundaliniYoga. This is the least recommended method to seek enlightenment.

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