Best Surya Mantra

This is an ancient Surya Ashtakshara Mantra from the Vedas which was practiced by the greatest sages and the seekers of true knowledge or Brahma Vidya in the Vedic times in India. The mantra is from the Surya Upanishad or the Suryopanishad; the text which deals extensively with the worship and rituals related to the Sun. This is one of the best Surya Mantras I have come across.

The mantra is to be chanted facing the rising Sun when it is at its most beneficial aspect and hence the potency of the mantra will be at its peak. The qualities attributed to this mantra are acquisition of true knowledge, erasing sins and bad Karma and also removing impure auras surrounding the body.

You can chant as many repetitions of this mantra as you wish or are comfortable with; number of chants doesn't matter; what matters is the intensity with which you chant. The procedure for Siddhi does not apply to this mantra.

Best Indian Mantra of the Sun God
Best Surya Mantra

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