Charm for fear of injustice

This is the charm to remove the fear of injustice. In this competitive age and times of dog eat dog; many people have the genuine fear of some sort of injustice coming their way. Be it in your job or office, workplace, business, college, club or social circle there are always a lot of ambitious people out to harm others in order to climb the ladder quickly.

This is an Indian charm dedicated to Shri Ram which is worn around the forearm as a talisman to give protection against this fear of injustice being done to you. This simple charm is to be written on a white piece of paper with red ink; inserted in a copper locket and tied around the forearm as an talisman.

If you want to make this charm permanent and to wear it always then you have to prepare it on a piece of copper and wear it around the forearm.

Hindu Voodoo Charm for removal of fear of injustice
Charm for fear of injustice

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