Great Good Luck Charms

These are a couple of really great and powerful good luck charms. These charms are Yantras dedicated to two of the most divine of the Indian deities; Shri Ram and Shri Krishna; both of them require no introduction from me or anyone. Worshiping both or any one of these two Avatars of Vishnu will give the same benefit and fruits as that of worshiping Vishnu.

These are auspicious and Satvik [pure] charms and can be helpful in all matters including job problems, money matters, debts, enemy problems, marriage, health and divine protection. Any one of the two charms can be used.

The charms are to be embossed on copper pieces; if that is not possible you can even prepare them on a white piece of paper, written with any ink. However if prepared on paper it has to be seen that the charms do not get damaged; if they do then immerse them in a flowing water body and prepare a new one.

After preparing the charms worship them by offering flowers, incense and by lighting a lamp of Ghee [clarified butter]. Then the charm can be kept in your purse, pocket or any other place on the body; even in a locket

Most Powerful Shri Ram Yantra
Shri Ram Yantra

Most Powerful Shri Krishna Yantra
Shri Krishna Yantra

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  1. Sir can we kept both the charms in our purse??

  2. dear neel sahib,

    can you kindly clarify what you mean by charms do not get damaged since the paper yantra could get bent in my wallet- if bent is not allowed then can i just get them laminated in clear plastic or would the plastic covering block the energy of the yantra somehow and further the lamination would be done by another shop who will handle the yantras-- is handling by others allowed ?

    best regards

  3. Dear Neel Sahib,

    I have a similar question, i now have 4 charms which i made based on your excellent advice and i have put them all in my wallet/purse which i carry with me. I also have a metal shree yantra in the wallet and so i am wondering if all of these together in the wallet/purse will cause any issues due to frequency/energy interactions between the charms ?

    thanks and best regards

  4. The charms can be used together; there is no bar on the number of chaarms you use.

  5. Dear Neel Sahib,

    I have the yantras/charms laminated but someone here says that even if the charms do not get damaged they still should be discarted after 3 years and new charms should be made and energized. He felt the old ones lose their power. Is that correct and why cannot we re-energize the old ones? kindly give me your opinion since i trust your judgment

    thanks and best regards

    1. I do not agree with this opinion; if a Yantra or Charm is energized there is no need to energize it again and can be used till it gets damaged or destroyed.

  6. Neelji,

    yantra only need to be energize once?

    Thank you

  7. Dear Sir,
    Can we use both charms together to keep in purse?

    Amit Ranat

    1. Yes both the Charms are of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna and they can be used together.

  8. Can one simply print out these charms, worship then place them in the wallet?

    1. The Good luck Charms have to be prepared as described in the above article.
      Print outs will not be as potent and useful as the energized Charms prepared as described in the article.

  9. hi applying fro scholarshipppp...please help me with charm to use ..///powerful charm


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