Free Housefly Repellent

The common housefly is one of the most dangerous carriers of disease and sickness. This pest which one takes for granted primarily feeds on the food as well as the excrement of humans and also excretes all over the house.

If you do not wish to use chemical repellents to repel this pest, I will tell you about a simple repellent , which can be used by anyone; almost free of cost. So there is no harm in trying it to see if you get the desired results.

During some seasons it is common be to harassed by houseflies during meal times. To repel them you have to take a stick of Pudina [mint leaves] and keep it on the dining table. Additionally you can scatter a few of the leaves all over the dining room.

Likewise a stick of mint leaves can be kept near a sleeping baby; at home or even in a garden. This keeps the houseflies at bay and at the same time you avoid chemicals or odor.

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