Nostradamus - New York destroyed in an instant

This is arguably one of the most frightening of the prophecies of Nostradamus; the destruction in an instant of New York City. See this Quatrain 6- 97 – “Fire approaches the great NEW CITY. In an instant great widespread flame jumps up. As we demand proof of the Normans”.

This is as close as Nostradamus gets in the Prophecies of the description of the explosion of a Nuclear Device. The flame shooting up in an instant and being widespread is I am 100% sure an exploding Nuclear missile of a great magnitude. Fire approaching from the sky is clearly a missile; most probably an Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missile carrying the Nuclear warhead.

This prophecy was briefly described by me a few years back in the Nostradamus prophecies regarding NEW YORK CITY; all sadly destructive. New York City as said in earlier posts was not in existence during the times of Nostradamus, but it is to be noted that he describes many times as the ‘New City” or the “Great New City”. New York City is the only contender for this title as it lies between the 40 and 45th Parallel in USA; the fire burns at 45 degrees.

The last line describing the Normans has been described by me in the post on the nuclear strike on New York. However, I keep coming back to this prophecy as it really intrigues me and hence I keep trying to interpret it again and again. What is new in this version is the “destruction in an instant”. The rest of the interpretation is the same as given in the earlier posts.

It is again interesting to foresee if this prophecy is fulfilled at the commencement of World War 3 or somewhere in between. This prophecy gives an indication of the opposing sides in World War 3 as a Nuclear Weapon of this sophistication; capable of entering American air space, is outside of USA and it allies only in the procession of Russia and China.

I will definitely come back to this prophecy again in the near future.


  1. You are wrong nostradamus's predicted the Concorde crash in France 19 .7.1999. And tied the time frame of the inquiry to the quatrain you are now speaking of proof of the Normans is about the end of the inquiry of Concorde the link is obvious 911was immediately after inquiry conclusion he was exact the great king of the Mongols quatrain is also 911again those who get these predictions wrong are rife but look and study and you will find

  2. hey man, we might currently be in quatrain of century 1-33 which is jesus' number :p

  3. So, i think you might be mistaken as the age of the aztecs just ended and we are in limbo before the age of aquarius when Jesus will be kinged and the end-times will come.

    We might be at quatrain century 1-33(jesus number) where he declares that he is alpha and omega the beginning and the ending and the root and offspring of DAVID

    David is the Lion of the House of Judah!

    Near a great bridge near a spacious plain
    the great lion with the Imperial forces
    will cause a falling outside the austere city.
    Through fear the gates will be unlocked for him.

    Ergo Jesus is the Great Lion of the House of Judah who is ALSO the Bright and morning star! Here is a link to Jesus'(Eric's) Truth!

  4. Lyndon LaRouche World War 3
    Lyndon LaRouche is a controversial American dissident, political activist and scientific teacher of the future of the world in which a new world order system is being created by the British Empire through an economic collapse of America which will cause world war 3 in the next few years by the British controlled Obama administration.
    Britain is the secret hand behind the strings manipulating nations to initiate a Thermonuclear war soon after an economic collapse of the world economy between Asia, Russia and the United states for the goal of population control which will eliminate 6 billion people creating a slave class which will serve the elite.

    Lyndon LaRouche States the Facts
    • British control assassinated Abraham Lincoln
    • British control started the civil war
    • British control created the Federal Reserve system by which foreign banks are destroying America
    • British control by the federal reserve created the great depression
    • British control by Prescott Bush put Hitler into power in Europe leading to the death of millions
    • British control by European banks created World War 1 and World War 2
    • British control assassinated John F Kennedy for war and money through the CIA
    • British control united the European Union
    • British control major parts of all of Africa which are kept from developing there land to serve the British Empire.
    • British control orchestrated 9/11 through Saudi Arabian Terrorist
    • British control created the terrorist movement by British controlled middle east lands which is being used as a means to destroy the American constitution
    • British control major sectors of the American financial system through wall street.
    • British control by the European union will cause the world financial crisis
    • British control led to the fall of the Soviet Union
    • British control by Wall street has kept America in a state of De industrialization and soft kill poisons for the means of population control
    • British control Created Israel and led it to the creation of the Middle east crisis which will lead the World into a Thermonuclear war
    America, New York city is Mystery Babylon and she is drunken with the blood of the saints She saith in her heart, I sit a Queen and will see no sorrow and the Lord will judge her in one Day

    This is British Empire Control over the world by New York city which will lead to World War 3 and the establishment of the New World Order. As this queen may stand for British royalty and the Queen herself.

    The Elite are Manipulating America into a global financial crisis which will initiate a Thermonuclear war.

    (Rothchilds/Britain-The Normans)


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