Navagraha Shanti for Malefic Planets

The nine planets or Navagraha; Moon, Rahu and Ketu, also considered as planets in Indian astrology are known to vibrate positively to a certain set of material and paranormal actions. A specific set of remedies are prescribed to pacify and negate the ill effects of malefic planets in the horoscope or that of an adverse transit.

I have given here in this post remedies to pacify the negative frequencies of the nine planets. This is also known as Navagraha Shanti.

Surya [Sun] Graha Shanti
Throw some copper coins in a flowing water body like a river.
The main door of the house should face the east.
On Sunday afternoon donate some wheat, jaggery, gold, copper or ruby as per your financial means.

Chandra [Moon] Graha Shanti
Worship Shiva .
Keep some silver or rice grains in a graveyard.
On Monday evening donate to a needy person some milk, silver, pearl or rice grains.

Mangal [Mars] Graha Shanti
Apply Shendur to an idol of Hanuman .
On Tuesday afternoon give to a needy person some masoor dal, jaggery, copper, sweet chapatti which has been roasted in a tandoor, red colored clothes, red flower or a coral stone.

Budha [Mercury] Graha Shanti
Make a hole in a coin and throw it in a flowing water body like a river.
If you do not have a parrot as a pet then put a door bell with a ring tone like a parrot.
On Wednesday afternoon donate to a needy person green clothes, whole moong dal, green pumpkin, and emerald or bronze.

Guru [Jupiter] Graha Shanti
Tie a piece of turmeric on your hand.
Put a Shendur mark like a tilak on a silver vessel and keep in your place of worship.
On Thursday morning donate to needy person turmeric, brown chickpeas, saffron, yellow flower, yellow sapphire, lime, banana or sweets prepared from gram flour.

Shukra [Venus] Graha Shanti
Do not wear old, burnt or torn clothes. Apply perfume on the clothes you wear.
Observe a vow of silence for some time on Fridays.
On Friday evening give to a needy person cotton, white clothes, ghee, kheer, perfumes or agarbatti, white sandalwood or curds.

Shani [Saturn] Graha Shanti
Worship Bhairav.
Apply mustard oil on a chapatti and give to dogs and cows to eat.
On Saturday one hour before or after sunset donate mustard oil, black sesame seeds, iron, whole urad dal, black colored string or black colored clothes.

Rahu {North Node] Graha Shanti
Wear a square silver piece around your neck.
Worship Saraswati.
On Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday donate to a needy person coconut, coal, black woolen blanket, radish or gomed stone.

Ketu [South Node] Graha Shanti
Throw some white or black sesame seeds in a flowing water body.
Always keep a red colored handkerchief with you.
On Wednesday donate to a needy person a two colored cat’s eye stone,

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