Try these remedies for Urinary Problems

These are some paranormal remedies; said to be effective which you can try if you are suffering from any kind of Urinary problems, diseases or ailments.

Wearing a White Akik stone; made from agate; also called Aqeeq or Hakeek in a Silver ring and worn on the ring finger is said to give immense relief from any kind of Urinary problem.

Another simple remedy for burning, frequent urination or retention of Urine is to wear an Iron Ring on the middle finger of the right hand.

If suffering from Kidney Stones, the Iron Ring has to be worn on the middle finger of the left hand.

Most if one goes by Astrology Urinary problems have attributed to a malefic Moon in the horoscope. Astrology recommends chanting of any Mantra or Yantra of the Moon for relief from Urinary or Bladders related problems.

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