The real prophecy of Prophet John

John the Baptist is arguably the most important personality in the Christian religion; after Jesus Christ. He is also acknowledged as one of Christianity’s greatest prophet. Hence any prophecy made by the prophet who Baptized Jesus Christ has to be taken very seriously. The very foundation of Christianitystands and hinges  upon the prophecies and visions of these prophets like John and Paul.

The prophecy given here is one of the most celebrated of the prophecies made by John. The prophecy has not been understood and decoded properly. But first while speaking of a vision, the visionary visualizes something more often than not which even he does not understand; hence the interpretation of visions is the key to decoding them.

Image of Prophecy of Prophet John
Prophecy of Prophet John

The Prophet John in this vision did not understand what he was visualizing; so what he wrote down was what he thought it meant. The woman he saw in this vision is Mahakali Mata; the ferocious form of the Universal Mother. This vision had Mahakali Mata having 10 horns and seven heads The 10 horns are symbolic of the Dasha-Mahavidyas or the 10 faces of Kaal or Time. The seven heads symbolize the seven planes of existence. The color of Kali Mata is normally purple or scarlet, decked in precious stones. The golden cup or the Skull Cup is symbolic of catching blood oozing from a severed head in reaching the earth and contaminating it.

Mahakali is normally portrayed with blood oozing out of her mouth and bare cheated; her mount is the corpse of Shiva, John saw her Universal form. He also saw the severed heads of the evil doers. The blood and heads of the saints are symbolic of the Universal Mother rendering justice to those who led mankind astray by imposing man made religions upon men and hindering and halting their natural evolutionary process by enslaving their minds to a fixed set of ideas.

Mahakali is symbolized in Shakt Worship as the form of creation at it purest. She is also the redeemer of the world. The vision warns those who have stopped to evolve and stopped or attempting to stop the evolutionary process of other to return back to the natural way of life of mankind. This is the real meaning of the prophecy of Prophet John.

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  1. true-but this was John the apostle, not John the baptist-however i agree with the decoding


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