Prayer for India’s Independence Day 2012

The annual celebrations of India’s 66th Independence Day will take place tomorrow; with the Prime Minister hoisting the Indian flag at the historic Red Fort. Just few hundred yards away, the Ambedkar Stadium, at the time of writing this post, hosts thousands of prisoners; for wanting laws to bring the looted funds back from the Swiss Banks; for wanting laws to stop corruption and loot of the national resources.

In the past few months the modus operandi of the government and their controllers was sleaze; engaging the agitators and then taking the steam out and do nothing. Now the modus operandi is simple; just ignore them; see what happened to Team Anna Hazare.

On the other hand it’s distressing to see the corrupt politicians who make up the opposition lying to the public and coming across as champions of clean politics. A most distressing picture indeed!

All this points to an extremely bleak picture of India as it celebrates its 66th Independence Day on 15th August 2012. One hopes to see some light at the end of the dark tunnel which is what most Indians are living in.

A simple prayer for Independence Day 2012 is given below. This prayer is from the verses of the Vedas. This prayer was recited to invoke the supernatural powers to annihilate enemies; the modern day version of enemies is the looters. I have tried to give a modern day translation from the ancient Sanskrit verse.

May the Sun charge at our enemies, annihilating their sleaze and filthy schemes,
May he throw them into disarray and destroy their weapons.
Let the mightily Wind blow them away and into the netherworld, and the great thunderbolts pierce and burn their hearts into dust.
May the silent Moon take away their minds; delude and throw them into hell.

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