Yantra to defeat enemies

This is a Yantra having unique and specific numerological frequencies which is worn to ensure success over opponents and enemies. The Yantra is said to make your enemies or opponents fearful of you; hence hastening their defeat.

TheYantra has to be drawn on a piece of paper with any kind of pen [specific rules are not applicable]. Then it has to be put in a Silver locket and worn on the body. The Yantra also gives success in competitions of all kinds.

Hindu Voodoo Yantra to defeat enemies
Yantra to defeat enemies

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  1. Dear sir,

    Can I use steel locket instead of silver locket to put this yantra?

  2. Dear Sir,

    Can i put this yantra in silver locket by folding or can i wear this yantra on my bicep by using black color thread

    1. @steven emanuel, @Harshad Kulkarni - The Tantra mentions a Siiver Locket.

  3. Dear sir,
    Can I fold this paper while inserting inside silver locket, plz reply me guruji

  4. Silver lockets are not costly as many think. It is easily available in every jewellery and only costs under RS 500.

  5. Sir can we put two or more tantras in single amlet

    1. It is better to use different lockets because all Yantras have different vibrational frequencies.

  6. Hello Sir..
    Today is eclipse.. can i make two yantras of my choice during the time eclipsr is going onn??
    This one and the other is to ake spoken words come true??
    Please guide sir as today is eclipse and do i have to do any kond of puja or just make them in wear in different lockets?? Please guide

    1. Yes, you could could do that by following the procedures given in the posts.


    2. Thank you so much sir..

      In both the posts its only written to make and wear and no specification of pooja is given..

      So can i make them tonite simultaneously and wear them that time only..

      Also sir one is to be worn in copper and other in silver..
      So can i keep both taveez in one single chain and wear..

      One is to make spoken words true and other is defeating enemies and winning everywhere..

      Sorry to bother but please guide sir..please

      Show quoted text

    3. You can make them as specified in the posts, Pooja is not needed.
      You can wear both the Yantras on one chain.

  7. Can we fold the piece of paper and then put in the silver locket. This is not clearly mentioned


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