Mantra to exorcise Ghost Fever

Uddamareshvara is one of the numerous names by which Shiva is addressed as. When translated into English it means the inconceivable one; this probably means the marvelous and incredible one who is unprecedented.

The Uddamareshvara Tantra is one of the numerous secretive forms of Tantric practices which are followed in India; most of these have Shiva as their ultimate deity. The beings of the neither world along with the numerous feminine and masculine energies like Yakshinis and Yakshas form a part of those being who follow Shiva.

The mantra given in this post is from the Uddamareshvara Tantra; it is a rare mantra to exorcise Ghostly Fever. I have classified this under the broad name of “Ghosts” which includes all evil and malefic energies. Ghostly Fever could be also classified as some sort of unknown fever which does not subside; like the normal fever.

The mantra has to be chanted and either Vibuthi [sacred ash] or water has to be sprinkled over the body of the patient. One can also rotate ones hand over the body of the patient while chanting the mantra.

Mantra to exorcise Ghost Fever

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