Mantra to shut the mouth of enemies

This is a Shabar Mantra to shut the mouth of your enemies. Enemies are more often than not liable to do harm to your reputation by way of malicious defamation. This may be in the form of rumors or false allegations to damage your reputation.

The Siddhi [mastery] over the mantra has to be obtained during the period of an Eclipse; solar or lunar, Diwali or Holi by chanting the mantra 10,000 times.

Then to use it you have to light a fire and give the offerings of Ghee [clarified butter] and Honey to the fire. This has to be done 1,000 times; while offering the Ghee and Honey you have to chant the mantra given below.

Then you have to take a iron nail 4 fingers long and bury it in the ground; while doing this you have to keep chanting the Mantra.

Mantra to shut the mouth of enemies

You have to replace the word “Amukasya” with the name of your enemy/enemies. This experiment is said to ensue that your enemy never opens his mouth foe defamatory purposes against you.

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  1. thank you for all your knowledge...i would like to get some info on 2 prayers i got...
    1) om kat bkat ghor rupini (name) basma mai kuru kuru swaha...

    2) om hreem hreem hreem hanumaan kapishaa
    om hoon hoon hoon hanu (name) ursheeshaa

    i need to know what the prayers are for please.thanking you in advance.

  2. How many hours will it take to chant it 10,000 times please? If you could tell aprox fig is also fine. Do we have to do the remaining 1000 chants on the same day or any other day? Is it to be done on holika or rangwali

  3. Hi, Dear Guruji

    Thank u for giving such a use full mantras
    and I request u to upload the mantras in (.MP3 ) recorded file for all the mantras for correct pronunciation .

  4. is mantr mai khetal vir shi hai kya ji. betal vir aayga


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