Mantra to silence enemies

This is a Shabar Mantra for enemies. This Mantra is known as the Shatru Mukh Stambhan Mantra meaning Mantra to silence enemies. This Mantra is suitable when you are certain that your enemies might try to harm you by defaming you or that they might have discovered your secrets; by which they might harm you. Also useful in court proceedings where the enemy is likely to give damaging evidence against you.

This Shabar Mantra is dedicated to Hanuman. To acquire Siddhi [mastery] you have to first worship Hanuman. Then you have to take 1000 small globules of Guggul [Indian Bdellium]. After this light a fire and taking each globule in your hand recite the Mantra; this will bind the globule of Guggul with Mantra. Then you have to throw the globule into the fire. This has to be repeated 1000 times using each of the 1000 globules.

Hindu Occult Chant to Silence Enemies
Mantra to silence enemies

Then to use the Mantra whenever required take 11 globules of Guggul and repeat the entire procedure given above only 11 times; in your mind you must have an image of the enemy/enemies you wish to silence.

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  1. sir the 1000 times chant of this mantra should be at a time or can we do 1000 chant in 2 or 3 breaking part

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  3. Master Neel,

    can it be done in the room? Once for all the enemies or have to separately done?

    Thank you

    1. Yes the Mantra can be practised in a room, for multiple enemies; see the last paragraph.

  4. thank you sir. Just wanted to double confirm. god bless

  5. Sir, I need help. I am in a situation where someone in my family wishes to destroy my image by using a secret. I am not in India and I have guggle doop batti will that help for making globules? can you suggest me a mantra for the same situation ? I had read about the mantra to suppress enemy as well, but he is not around me. If I use the mantra for suppression on a photograph will it work? please do help.

  6. There is a certain category of mantras for which siddhi is achieved by solely by remembering the mantra. No sadhana needed at all or any form of elaborate ritual. I think I read about this category of mantras here on the website but I cannot find it anymore. Could you please tell me the name of that category of mantras?
    Thank you in advance

  7. Greetings Guruji,
    I've read about a certain category of mantras on this site if I'm not mistaken for which the siddhi is acquired solely by remembering the mantra. There's no need to do any sadhana or any elaborate ritual of any kind. Could you please give me the name of this category of mantras?
    Thank You in advance

    1. There are a lot of such mantras, which do not need Siddhi or any kind of ritual. These mantras are found in many categories, you can search for the mantras you need.

  8. Sir
    Today i started chanting this mantra. But due to fire not burning properly i with very difficulty completed 51 mantras.
    Isnt this harm me in any way
    Can i do this again on other day

  9. Sir
    Plz reply my query.
    Or suggest me any other simple yet powerful remedy to stop my enemy from defaming me and my family reputation that i can do..


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